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NEOS, the new Tapì technology to reduce a product’s carbon footprint

tapigroup 24 September 2020 0

NEOS is Tapì’s innovative technology capable of reducing a product’s carbon footprint, in this case, specifically relating to closures for use in the drinks industry, by adopting polymers from renewable sources.

At the root of NEOS lies continuous research into new materials that can completely eliminate the use of oil sources, making way for raw materials from eco-sustainable sources, with comparable features and food sustainability.

Thanks to the use of NEOS technology, the features and appearance of all of Tapì’s creations remain unaltered, encouraging the use of raw materials generated from renewable sources and intervening on their origin without undermining their technical features in any way.

NEOS technology is an integral part of the Tapì project known as “LEI – Low Environmental Impact“, an acronym that defines Tapì’s corporate mission: contributing to lowering environmental impact, while looking after the Planet.

For years, sustainability has been the core of Tapì’s values and strategy and with NEOS, we are committed, on a daily basis, to creating closure systems that are environmentally friendly, reduce waste and improve efficiency.

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Tapì’s sustainable spirit now has a name: LEI

tapigroup 8 September 2020 0

LEI – Low Environmental Impact – is the acronym that provides a simple definition of Tapì’s corporate mission: to contribute to reducing its environmental impact and, as a result, caring for the Planet.

LEI, is understood as being the personification of Mother Earth, she who looks after the world and teaches us to respect the environment in which we live.

LEI was devised to give a clear identity to company projects, product ranges, technologies, production processes and best practices that we can define as sustainable, or rather, designed and developed to have as little impact as possible on the environment.

Green design, transparency, customer satisfaction and sustainability: these are the values at the heart of Tapì’s vision for the present and future.

For the last 20 years, we have been committed to guaranteeing production methods, supply chains and machining processes for materials that are as sustainable as possible, adopting alternative and renewable energy sources and continually investing in research and innovation. Nowadays, we design and manufacture sustainable closures with a low environmental impact in line with the green-design demands from our markets.

One of these is NEOS, an innovative technology capable of reducing the carbon footprint of products by using bioplastics from renewable sources, which allow us to produce eco-sustainable closures while the technical performance remains unaltered.

Another one is Abor: the innovative production process used to manufacture closures for the spirits industry by using the distillation waste from our own customers, re-using raw materials that would otherwise by disposed of and creating a packaging element capable of telling the story of the product it is sealing.

Still with the concept of recycling, we also launched T-Cask, a process to recover wood from the barrels used to age products that have reached the end of their life cycle. This gives us the opportunity to produce craft closures with a green spirit.

We also devised a correct recycling for components with Duo, a closure with head and stem that can be manually dismantled. This laid the foundations for a hybrid closure solution known as Pure, an alternative to the everyday solutions in plastic or cork, and made up of a combination of bioplastics generated from renewable sources – NEOS – and sterilised micro granules of natural cork, held together without the use of polyurethane glues.

This, and much more, is LEI, a kind of return to one’s roots, where respect for the natural and environmental elements was at the base of any action carried out by humankind. Similarly inspired, we too at Tapì are today working towards a more sustainable company organisation, with constant focus on the demands and requirements of our employees, co-workers and customers, with a view to proposing product and service solutions capable of satisfying our market, while protecting our Planet.

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Tapì continues to work for its Customers, while protecting its employees

tapigroup 23 March 2020 0

È dura, irrimediabilmente dura, inutile negarlo. Ogni giorno che passa c’è quel barlume di speranza legato ai numeri diffusi dalla Protezione Civile con la diretta nazionale delle ore 18:00. Si spera sempre che i numeri dei nuovi casi positivi al COVID-19 diminuisca, e con esso anche i deceduti con e per questo nemico invisibile che, con tutte le forze, la nostra Italia sta cercando di combattere.

As Tapì is part of the food supply chain, we must keep going. This is how we are dealing with the state of emergency linked to Novel Coronavirus

It’s tough, inevitably tough – and pointless to deny it. There’s the daily glimmer of hope offered by the number of new infections reported by the Italian Civil Protection Agency in their 6pm national address. We always hope that the number of new COVID-19 cases has reduced, as well as the number of deaths caused by this invisible enemy that’s being fought by our nation with all its might.

Then, there’s you, our Customers, who call us every day to find out how things stand. We are touched by your concern for us and we thank you so much for your support.

The news bulletins, newspapers and social networks talk about companies and businesses in crisis, about Italy and its national brand and who knows when it might be re-established at this difficult time. But wait, it’s not just the Novel Coronavirus that bringing us to our knees, it’s everything related to it.

Before the virus spread through Europe and across the world, we, like China, were singled out as ‘spreaders’ and the Made in Italy brand has lost what gave it its power and iconic appeal. Now we are all part of this disaster as the virus has not stopped after spreading through Italy and is now widespread across the globe.

A few days after the media ‘bomb’ exploded but before the implementation of the restrictive regulations for businesses and social distancing, within the Tapì Group we had decided to protect our employees and workers. These people are our lifeblood and they help us to grow day by day and they ensure customer satisfaction. 

Consequently, we have implemented remote working for all employees who work in offices to ensure continuity of order management, request response and usual business administration. 

For our production teams, which must continue working as they are part of the food supply chain, we have provided protective masks, single-use gloves and disinfectant gel for hands and body. With the aim of containing the spread of the virus, we also measure each person’s body temperature every day as they enter our sites. And lastly, we have taken the decision to implement a 24-hour shift pattern to reduce the number of people present on our sites to the absolute minimum.

This virus is crushing us as a nation, but we will not break. For our part, we are doing everything humanly possible to continue to offer our best products and services, while fully adhering to the government’s regulations related to workers’ safety.

However, we want to thank all of you for the warmth and support that you have expressed over the last month. We shall not forget it. *

Roberto Casini – CEO, Tapì Group

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Tapì S.p.A. obtains registration on the Sedex portal: a further step towards fully ethical business processes

tapigroup 5 September 2019 0

Tapì S.p.A. obtains registration on the Sedex portal: a further step towards fully ethical business processes. An outstanding result, following on from the recent achievement of ISO 9001 certification at both of its Italian plants, whose main objectives are to continue improving in its integrated management system, as well as further strengthening the image of Tapì among its customer base, which is increasingly geared towards working only with companies recognized and validated by accredited certification bodies.

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Tapì and Les Bouchages Delage join forces to strengthen their global leadership in the market for premium and super premium closures in the spirits industry

tapigroup 21 June 2019 0

The highly creative, innovative spirit of the Tapì Group meets the tradition and excellence of Les Bouchages Delage. A significant acquisition which creates a hub, whose objective it is to design innovative new quality closures for the Premium and Super Premium markets.

A union which strengthens Tapì’s global presence, giving rise to little jewels of packaging design which, in a spirit of synergy and sharing, will become even more refined, creative and functional. Original state-of-the-art closures designed to express the uniqueness of the product they seal within.

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Design, functionality, sustainability and beauty: the Tapì Group’s creative and innovative concept

tapigroup 17 May 2019 0

With our 20 years of experience in the sector, here at Tapì we are very much geared towards of the concepts of design, functionality, sustainability and beauty. Unique closures designed specifically for the products they will be sealing. A beauty that sets apart every single seal, created to enhance each and every component of the packaging.

Tapì’s new Brand Architecture is rooted in these concepts, expressed through the following tagline:

“Uniqueness inside, beauty on top.”

“Uniqueness”, linked to our customers’ products which we carefully seal with all of our heart, “beauty” as an aesthetic and functional concept inherent in our packaging-enhancing design creations. 

A new identity that amplifies not only the brand as a whole, but also the Business Units that make up Tapì today:

  • Tapì Collection is a perfect blend of design, innovation and quality materials;
  • Tapì Signature, which embodies elements of style, prestige and elegance;
  • Tapì Revò, the creative workshop which studies and develops new product and service solutions, with the focus on practicality and environmental sustainability.

Three separate – yet perfectly complementary – business units, each of which helps create little jewels for the spirits, wine, oil and condiments, beer and cosmetics sectors. Daily innovation that enables us to anticipate the trends of a constantly-evolving packaging market.

The Tapì group, in which Wise Equity SGR has a holding interest, is continuing on its course towards internationalization with the launch of its new global branding platform.

tapigroup 3 May 2019 0

From today, Tapì is going for a new look, with a new coordinated image that expresses design, innovation and a focus on a constantly evolving market. Another step up in a long journey towards excellence and the internationalization of our brand.

In a new strategic operation, as we begin 2019, we decided to adopt a new Global Branding platform aiming to harmonize our brand architecture and increase our brand recognition, as well as our brand awareness, on the global market. One small step that reflects the giant strides we have taken as a constantly evolving international group.

A new logo, new website, new communication guidelines, a review of our business units and the TapInk project – these are just some of the elements of Global Branding here at Tapì. A new opening towards our main market – premium beverages.

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tapigroup 13 May 2018 0

International award ceremony on May 22nd at the Milan Stock Exchange

MASSANZAGO (PD), 31/05/2018 – Tapì was one of the 31 prizewinners on May 22nd at the “Deloitte Best Managed Companies” awards ceremony at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan.

This event was the first Italian edition of the prestigious international award that Deloitte, one of the largest providers of professional services to enterprises, hands out to companies with excellent organizational skills, strategy and performance; companies with a proven ability to implement solid, long-term strategies and to introduce innovation and internationalization as part of the active role they play in their ecosystem.

Here in Italy, the award ceremony was supported by Confindustria, ELITE – the London Stock Exchange Group’s support programme for fast-growing ambitious companies – and by ALTIS Università Cattolica, which worked alongside Deloitte to make the selection method more suitable for the Italian socio-economic context.

In particular, the “Best Managed Companies” were identified by a jury which analyzed a series of critical success factors, such as business strategy, skills and competencies, commitment to people and financial performance. These factors were then related to corporate size, ownership structure and the sector in which each company operates.

Tapì CEO, Roberto Casini, expressed satisfaction: “We are proud of this significant achievement, because it reflects the efforts and investments we have made over recent years, in terms of research and technological innovation, sustainability, top product quality, skills-based growth and maintaining good relationships at both national and international level. The market we are in is both fascinating and dynamic, but at the same time it comes up with new challenges on a regular basis. So our commitment does not stop there: we have great plans for the future and this award encourages us to go one step further”.

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tapigroup 12 January 2018 0

Massanzago (PD), 12th January 2018 –Through a new strategic transaction that follows the acquisition of Tapì Argentina completed in October 2017, Tapì enhances its presence on the Central European markets, thus further strengthening its positioning as a growing Multinational Group in the design, production and distribution of closures for the beveragemarket.

The company, owned by Wise SGR through Wisequity IV fund with co-investors being Nuova Energia Holding, EuroInvest and the management, entered today into a binding agreement for the purchase of 80% of the share capital of T&G; GmbH, sole distributor covering Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Austria and The Netherlands. The 20% left remains to T&G; founder and Managing Director, Mario Conoscenti, who will keep running the company aiming at further strengthening the Group positioning in Central Europe.

This transaction allows Tapì Group the be closer to its Central European customers and to enjoy a direct presence to further foster the development in the region, that is very promising in terms of market opportunities.

Roberto Casini, Tapì Group CEO, said: “The acquisition of T&G; is another piece of Group strategic plan that falls into place. Through this transaction, we continue along our journey towards the strengthening of the leadership positioning in the premium and super premium beverage closures niche. Leveraging the strong business relationships developed over the years, T&G; will play a crucial role in driving the commercial expansion in Central European countries”.

Mario Conoscenti, CEO of T&G;, said: “I’m happy to keep developing the company I founded back in 2011 while supporting the Group development on Central European markets that show very interesting opportunities in the spirits as well as in the beer segments”.

Stefano Ghetti, Wise Partner, said: “Following the acquisition of Tapì Argentina, we are extremely proud to welcome T&G; within the Tapì Group. This is one more step towards the creation of a global champion within a well identified niche that lies at the basis of Wise investment strategy”.

For Wise, the transaction has been carried out by Stefano Ghetti and Marco Mancuso while for Tapì, by Roberto Casini, Group CEO, and Claudio Giunta, Group CFO.Tapì has been advised as legal counsel by Simmons & Simmons LLP while PWC managed the financial and tax due diligences.

Tapì Group

Tapì is an international Group specializing in the design, production and distribution of high-end technological closures for the packaging world Tapì develops products for spirits, wine, condiments, cosmetics and beer sectors. With over 400 employees worldwide, providing support for over 3,000 customers in over 60 countries, Tapì has consolidated its global presence with a series of sales offices, R&D; facilities and distributors. The Tapì vision is clear: to become the world leading supplier of alternative closures for the packaging design market. To achieve this goal, over the years the company has continuously invested in research & development, in people and in communicating its brand value and strength, with a view of steadily growing as an international Group.

Wise SGR

Wise SGR SpA ( specializes in the management of Private Equity closed-end funds, investing in small and medium-sized companies, with a special focus on Italy. The funds managed by Wise are typically involved in leverage buy-out and capital increase transactions, dedicated to companies that are leaders in their niche markets. The two major objectives are to lead “build-up” transactions, in order to enhance competitiveness and profitability, and to push the international development. Wise, controlled by the management team, currently has two funds under management: Wisequity III, with commitment exceeding 180 M€, has four remaining companies in the portfolio: Alpitour, Colcom Group, NTC e Controls; Wisequity IV closed the fund raising in March 2016 reaching its hard cap at 215 M€ and already invested in five companies: Corob, Imprima, Tapì, Tatuus Racing and Aleph.

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tapigroup 3 November 2017 0

Massanzago (PD), 2nd November 2017. The concept of sustainable design, combining nature and technology in customized and – at the same time – functional solutions, is being increasingly applied in the packaging segment, especially in the spirits sector. The Tapì Group’s innovative ABOR project makes a telling difference in this area, based on research into the reuse and creative recycling of distillation residues from our clients’ products.

A revolution that returns to the material origins of the distillate and therefore to its connection with the products of the soil from which it derives: ABOR is an abbreviation from the Latin “ab origine”, literally “from the beginning”, “from the start”.

Here at Tapì, our experience and continuous investment in design research and innovative processes has enabled us to create this new range of closures, which re-use distillation residues, usually thrown away by manufacturers as waste materials. It is therefore a re-use of dry, plant material at the end of its useful life, which is combined with other materials to create intrinsically ecological, but at the same time functional closures, suitable for closing any spirit in a hermetic and completely inert fashion.

Closures can be made from marc, barley malt, sugar cane, maize, rye, agave, juniper and other natural materials from which the world’s most famous distillates are made. Through the ABOR project, the product and its history once again take centre-stage, bringing out the best in the raw materials, in their naturalness, becoming part of the packaging itself.

“ABOR is a new way of conceiving design for the spirits market and is also an opportunity to create brand awareness in an eco-sustainable way. This project has ensured that packaging for the spirits industry will never be the same again”, says Domenico Liberati, Managing Director R&D; of Tapì Group, who on 31 October presented the new ABOR project in London at the exclusive 2017 Spirits Strategies Congress.

The Tapì Group

Tapì is an international group specializing in the design, production and distribution of high-end technological closures for the packaging world.Tapì develops products for the spirits, wine, oil and condiments, cosmetics and beer sectors. With over 400 employees worldwide, providing support for over 3,000 bottlers in over 60 countries, Tapì has consolidated its global presence with a series of sales offices, R&D; facilities and distributors.The Tapì vision is clear: to become the world’s leading supplier of alternative closures for the packaging design market. To achieve this goal, the company invests continuously in research & development, in people and in communicating its brand value and strength, with a view to growing as an international group.

Abor: the range of ecological closures made out of distillation residues