this widely used material enhances shapes and colors in the fields of architecture, furnishings and industrial design. It lends expression to an object, giving it appeal and luminosity.
It is non-toxic and rustproof, light weight and durable as well as being malleable enough to take on different shapes, colors, thickness and textures. All this means it’s ideal for the packaging sector and more specifically for closure customization.
Aluminum’s flexibility is the perfect starting point for the creation of exclusive closures, while offering the potential for customizations that lend a distinctive finish.

Vintage Effect

Within the closure sector for spirits, aluminum is used to convey qualities such as technology and modernity, along with an elegance of style.
All this comes together in Tapì’s aluminum products, such as Starcap, while retaining a long-lasting appeal.

Uses for Aluminum

Starcap was the first closure made with an aluminum head and synthetic body, ensuring a high level of protection and preservation for drinks and spirits. It introduces a design concept that was previously unthinkable for the spirits’ sector.

Almost twenty years after its launch, Starcap has kept its minimalist look despite continuously evolving throughout this period. It can be customized with an array of enhancements, including Top Embossing, Side Embossing, Top Debossing, Side Debossing and our newest addition, Vintage Effect.

Top print

Top embossing

Side embossing

Top debossing

Diamond Side Embossing

Colors customization

Wet effect


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