producers of made-to-measure closures ACROSS THE GLOBE

Our business was established by a young, dynamic, enthusiastic team of professionals, in 1999.

And we position ourselves as a “global boutique” firm that designs closures for the premium and super-premium drinks sectors.

Our innovation skills have led us to develop into a multinational group, recognised for our originality, our design flair and our focus on aesthetic appeal.

As a business, our main aim is to be a leader in market trends. And this is the primary driver behind our mission – to develop a culture that values beauty, conveyed through our product designs.



Our mission is to design and promote distinctive closures that feature highly detailed designs and offer superb performance for use in the beverage industry worldwide.

To achieve this, we strive to develop products that our customers perceive to be original, since they enhance their packaging values with highly aesthetic, ergonomic and innovative designs.

Innovation implies the use of a value system that makes them unique for each client and consequently increases their satisfaction over time.

Our mission is shared across everyone in Tapì and our commitment is supported by the organisation, its processes and structures to ensure the continuous improvement of products and services - and continue to be a profitable business.


We want our brand to be synonymous with style and innovation in the world of packaging design.

We are not followers - we lead. We do not copy - we invent. We challenge established views and research more efficient ways of working.

We are ready to take up any challenge because every challenge makes us find new solutions that are not yet available within the reference market. We strongly believe in collaboration and in cross-pollination between our teams, as it lets us innovate in a way that others do not.

We know that different ideas and cultures are a valuable asset to our company. We aim for excellence in all our business activities. And we honestly admit our mistakes and have the courage to change.

We also commit to improving the environment we live in through a responsible approach to how we manage our business, which embraces the three areas of sustainability - environmental, social and financial.


Research & Development

Our ideas lie at the heart of every single product made by Tapì. Giving shape and substance to those ideas and turning them into a product is the task of the R&D department, a fundamental asset into which the whole Group continually invests.

And in order to find the right solutions for every customer, we need to continuously innovate both our systems and our people. That, in a nutshell, is the R&D department – Tapì Group’s “brain” and “heart” at one and the same time.

Research laboratories

Being able to respond quickly to the needs of a dynamic market such the packaging market, means that we need to constantly identify new solutions, processes and materials that are fit for purpose. Research laboratories are housed in each of our manufacturing plants and are coordinated by Tapì R&D. Their main tasks include selecting new raw materials, as well as testing any potential usage, but also further improving quality controls as well as staff training and development.


design & testing

Within the R&D department, the design process is entrusted to the technical division, which specialises in making products tailored to the customer’s needs. Each closure is first virtually designed and then physically tested, to assess its seal security ensuring the safety and performance of each product before it is put into production.

This is a key step in achieving the highest level of quality that sets the whole Tapì Group apart from the rest.


The quintessential expression of Tapì’s state-of-the-art technology is represented by a rapid prototyping system for new products. This system uses the latest 3D printer technology that can produce realistic products in a very short amount of time, based on virtual models and designs.

From concept to closure. Our team of experts ensures that a concept can quickly take shape as a prototype. This allows the development team to progress easily and have a clear understanding of the final product’s details and elements.


Achieving clearly defined shared objectives is one of the primary aims of the whole Tapì Group. To do that, the company’s work needs to be organised in a transparent fashion, with a clearly defined quality system, into a set of rules and procedures known as the Integrated Management System.


Our focus on product quality and innovation is closely linked to a production process based on renewable energy sources. Tapì products are designed to reduce environmental impact, and to be eco-friendly and completely recyclable.
The polyethylene used by the Tapì Group for our synthetic product lines is made from ethanol produced from natural raw materials, unlike traditional production processes dominated by non-recyclable polythene.


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