Tapì and Pentawards – new packaging design events

tapigroup 31 August 2022 0

Once again, this year we are Pentawards sponsors. Pentawards is the global community leader for packaging design, and we are proud to be part of its two exclusive events. We will be an exhibitor at the Pentawards Festival on 22 and 23 September, inside London’s Science Museum. And we will be guests at the Gala Ceremony on 23 September, hosted at the splendid Royal Opera House.

The theme chosen for this year’s Pentawards Festival is “Design: Where next?” A chance to take stock after the last two years as we listen to world experts discuss the current design trends as well as what is on the horizon. Over the two-day exhibition, key presentations about the packaging industry will be on stage, looking back at general trends over recent years and providing essential details on packaging that’s both creative and communicates effectively, while respecting the environment.

Visit our stand during the Pentawards Festival – you can find out about our company’s current endeavours as we look at a selection of our iconic products and our vision for the future of packaging design.

Pentawards will host the Gala Ceremony at London’s superb Royal Opera House during the evening of 23 September. An event not to be missed, featuring the most respected designers, brands and professionals in the packaging sector. Come along to the Pentawards 2022 awards evening – we can’t wait to celebrate and be inspired.

Stay in the know – come and see us at stand and join us on our journey.

NEOS – our trailblazing technology to reduce the carbon footprint impact

tapigroup 25 July 2022 0

Sustainability is a leading theme within the industrial production landscape. A theme that has been at the heart of Tapi’s values and strategy for many years. Through our trailblazing technology, NEOS, we commit to the development of closures to protect the environment, reduce waste and improve efficiencies on a daily basis. 

Based on this exciting project, we constantly seek out new materials, where the petroleum-based are leaving the field open to raw materials derived from eco-sustainable sources with parity of performance. Potential sources are quite varied, including plant-based and biomass materials as well as fermentation waste and others. The advantages of adopting the NEOS technology are fundamental to making sustainable, responsible closures – NEOS reduces a product’s carbon footprint and its impact on the environment at the end of its life cycle. It promotes the use of renewably sourced raw materials at all levels and boosts research into new product design and development approaches, by focusing on the origin of the raw material and its performance.  

NEOS stands as a marker for the technology introduced by Tapi more than five years ago. It proves our pledge to the environment through sustainable solutions for the closure sector.
Full details available here

Fabric and wood, a perfect combination, between Textil label and our Signature closures

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Customising one of the closures in the Signature line with a fabric label means bringing together tradition and modernity to bring out the materiality of both these elements, creating miniature masterpieces with a hand-crafted feel.

The beauty of wood is one of the cornerstones of the Signature Wood line. An elegant material that stands the test of time, suitable both for rounded shapes as well as for regular, geometric ones. A stylish detail which gives each piece its own unfailing uniqueness, capable of surprising at the very first glance. Conceived and crafted as carved wooden sculptures with exquisite customisable inserts, the closures in the Signature line form part of Tapì’s premium range, designed for the most ambitious brands of spirits, condiments and cosmetics.

Closures that bring out the expressiveness of wood, highlighting its natural grain, playfully emphasising the elegance of its shapes, finishes and details.

Textil Label is a strikingly modern custom design applied to the head and side of our wooden closures – a detail that lends materiality to and enhances the appeal of the closure.

Available in different colours, the closure can be made even more unique by embroidering graphics and logos onto the fabric label. The union of wood and fabric, symbols of tradition, gives rise to products capable of suggesting a sense of tactile warmth: a unique result that showcases the craftsmanship used for each form of packaging. Ask about Textil labels for Signature closures.

Sustainability news – EcoVadis has awarded us a silver medal and we’ve published our first Sustainability Report covering 2021

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We’re delighted to share some great news in the sustainability area. This year EcoVadis has again awarded us a silver medal, a prestigious award for our business. What’s more, we’ve also published our first ever Sustainability Report, covering 2021.

EcoVadis is a global ratings network for the sustainability of companies, providing assessments on their environmental, social and ethical performance. Achieving the EcoVadis rating once again this year is an excellent result, driving us to pursue our research and development into technologies, materials and products that care for the environment.

Our sustainability report has been written during a year of huge change, where we wanted to bolster our commitment to a more sustainable future, a more responsible community and development with greater awareness of the younger generations.

We are pleased to present our first ever Sustainability Report covering 2021.

It details how we have managed social, environmental and management aspects of our business and what our aims are for sustainable development.

Read the full Sustainability Report for 2021 here –

June is jam-packed with sustainability and packaging events

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Save the date for these three events – June is chock-a-block! We’ll see you at Édition spéciale by Luxe Pack, stand B10 on 31 May and 1 June to tell you about the latest in the sustainable packaging world. Soon after, from 14 to 17 June, we’ll be at Mexico City’s Expo Pack at stand no. 2416. And lastly, we will be at PLD in Paris on 29 and 30 June. It’s the event for inspiration and innovation for premium beverage brands. Come and find us at stand N54.

The event, Édition spéciale by Luxe Pack, focusses on packaging sustainability with exhibitors from around the world showcasing innovative materials and solutions designed to respect the environment. We are proud to be presenting our most eco-friendly closures. All these designs express our responsibility to the planet – our focus on the design, development and launch of new designs.

Expo Pack is a trade fair for the latest in the packaging industry and packing materials sector. This is an internationally recognized event exhibiting the broadest range of packaging and materials in Mexico.

PLD is the event for inspiration and innovation for premium beverage brands, taking place every year in the heart of Paris. The fair is just the place to source and discover hundreds of types of materials, producers and suppliers to use in luxury packaging. A stimulating event that lets you explore the latest trends and take a look at the future of the constantly evolving packaging market.
We will be there to tell our story and talk about our company’s core values, conveyed through our most stylish, distinctive and trailblazing products. 

See you there!

Édition spéciale by Luxe Pack

Expo Pack


Customize your aluminum closure – every finish tells a story

tapigroup 11 May 2022 0

Aluminum is a material widely used to enhance forms and colors in the fields of architecture, furnishings and industrial design. It lends expression to an object, making it appealing and luminous.

As well as being light weight and durable, it can take on different shapes, colors, thickness and textures. All this means it’s ideal for the packaging sector and more specifically for closure customization. Aluminum’s flexibility is the perfect starting point for the creation of exclusive closures, while offering the potential for customizations that give a product a distinctive look.

Aluminum is used in the closure sector to convey qualities such as technology and modernity, along with an elegance of style.

Designers and developers love how easy it is to work and how it can take on an array of creative themes through stylistic interpretations.  Surfaces can be embossed or engraved, or have images printed on them in a host of colors. And they can even be anodized or given a wet-look finish. We offer a range of finishes and customizations for our aluminum closures, including embossing, debossing and Vintage effect. More than a simple finish – Vintage Effect’s a unique treatment to replicate natural ageing, making the seal one of a kind.

Full details of our aluminum closure customizations are at this link.

Packaging Première is back! Trade fair from 24-26 May  

tapigroup 29 April 2022 0

We will be at the Packaging Première trade fair again this year from 24 to 26 May at Fieramilanocity, pavillion 4, stand C02. It is the event to see the previews from the packaging sector, giving room for experimentation and innovation to create new luxury trends. We will be bringing all our best closure designs, ideal for showcasing and enhancing modern and contemporary designs as well as the most refined and traditional styles. 

An exclusive event focused on packaging producers in the luxury sector, aimed at both manufacturers and major international brands looking to entrust their products to solutions that will make a tangible, recognizable mark on the premium sector. 

Discover the future of luxury packaging – we look forward to showing you our full ranges and collections.

Varnishless – the latest technology from Tapì with a sustainable soul

tapigroup 19 April 2022 0

Varnishless – the latest technology from Tapì with a sustainable soul 

Our new technology with a sustainable soul is Varnishless – based on wood being heat treated. The name Varnishless Technology relates directly to the absence of varnish used in the making of this type of closure head. 

The thermal treatment of wood is made up of three phases: 


The wood is dried at a high temperature while its humidity is maintained at a constant level to reach the desired grade of drying.

High-temperature treatment: 

Once the wood has reached the correct humidity level, thermal treatment begins. This is when the wood is heated to a very high temperature, depending on the level of desired coloration.


The conditioning and cooling phase allows the wood to stabilize.

Heat treated wood gains a completely natural look when finished, without the use of any chemicals or the need for any further processing.  

Through the Varnishless technology, heat-treated wood undergoes improvements to its durability, stability and strength. The resilience that wood acquires – over 20 times greater than untreated wood – makes it more resistant to mold, fungus and insects. 

Contact us for details:

Wooden finishes – the perfect look for every style!

tapigroup 8 April 2022 0

A material like wood is naturally expressive, giving rise to a wide array of timeless designs accentuating any style – from the contemporary and designer to the more traditional, perennial looks.  

Unlike other materials, wood’s advantage lies in its malleability, allowing it to be made into products with harmonious, smooth shapes that can be enhanced through craftsmanship and color solutions to adapt the material in line with the artistic design. 

Another fundamental element is the finish applied to the closure’s head, offering further refinement to the finished product. We have a varied set of solutions to really bring out the best wood has to offer. Whether you are looking for a super-modern, contemporary closure with a lacquered finish or a more sophisticated design with a soft-touch finish, or even an innovative finish using the tumbling effect, the end result will be a stunningly unique design. Our latest addition – and also our most sustainable finish – is the natural effect created through our varnishless technology. It is achieved using high temperatures to treat the wood. 

Take a look at all the finishes we offer at 

Tapì’s Global Meeting is back! And the theme will be “A TOAST TO WHAT’S NEXT”

tapigroup 25 March 2022 0

Our offices and branches will be coming together from 28 to 31 March 2022 for Tapì’s Global Meeting.

Once again, Cognac has been selected as the place for us to meet. For us, this is both where our French division, Les Bouchages Delage, is located and the perfect way to reflect our continuity since the third event in 2020, before it was suspended due to the pandemic.

The company’s Global Meeting will offer a range of activities with the aim of engaging with management, discussing results achieved and disclosing our future goals. The agenda includes team building, speeches, themed workshops and information sharing to identify the upcoming challenges facing the Tapì Group. Events will provide in-depth focus on tackling the quality-quantity market trends, outlining competitive scenarios and recently emerging trends in the beverage market.

Against an ever more competitive backdrop, it’s critical to make time for cross-discipline discussions, where people can share their skills and experience as well as bolster our company’s winning team spirit. This year’s theme will be “A TOAST TO WHAT’S NEXT”.