Du Grand Nez Distillerie selects T-Wood to seal its gin

Tapì’s T-Wood for Attribut n° 1 and Attribut n° 2 from the Du Grand Nez Distillerie


Du Grand Nez Distillerie is a concept created by Anne Hélène Vialaneix and Eric Lugas, both are avid fans of French spirits and their terroir of origin. For this reason, the distillery was set up in Nérac, in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region of France to showcase its special features well beyond the confines of France.

Respect for the soil and for natural elements are the founding values of Du Grand Nez and consequently of its gins. Among them, we find Attribut n° 1 and Attribut n° 2. Two entirely different gins as far as flavour goes but both are completely organic.

Attribut n° 1 offers an elegant combination of citrus and lemon verbena aromas and was awarded a silver medal at the World Gin Awards 2021. Whereas Attribut n° 2 gives us apple and pear flavours that blend perfectly with its ginger and iris root notes, and it won the gold medal in the same competition in the category of Best French London Dry Gin.on

Two products that are worlds apart but share vibrant packaging sealed with a T-Wood closure from the Tapì Collection range.


Du Grand Nez Distillerie

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