Starcap by Tapì to seal Acquavite di Prugne from Nannoni Grappe

When the Nannoni distillery was established, there was no distillation culture in Tuscany. This was back in the 1970s and pomace was then used mostly as chicken feed. At least, this was the case until Gioacchino Nannoni had the vision to open his own distillery with the aim of celebrating the Maremma terroir.

He never chose to use waste products in his spirits – grape pomace was always preferred by the best distillers in making high-quality artisan grappa.

Today, some 47 years after the company was started, Priscilla Occhipinti continues to write Grappa Toscana history, with her partners Rossana and Morena. They have tens of grappa examples in their own catalogue and one of these is Acquavite di Prugne. It’s a Tuscan reinterpretation of a well-loved spirit, with an intense yet subtle nose, presented in beautifully stylish packaging sealed with a Starcap closure created by Tapì.


Nannoni Grappe