A rich gin with an equally refined closure: OryGin chooses T-Wood with Color Filling

Describing OryGin is no simple matter. We could call it a gold-flecked gin with a confident spicy sweetness, but in truth it is much more than that. In each bottle of OryGin, as the name suggests, gold is mixed into the gin to make a refined, valuable luxury spirit.

A gin created in France, in the heart of the Bieberthal valley close to the rich, generous terroir of the Moselle, almost on the border with Germany and Luxembourg. And it is here in Woippy, a little French town of just under 13,000 inhabitants, that three generations of distillers are producing round the clock, renewing their creativity though their passion for ancestral ingredient processing techniques.

That was how they came up with the idea of OryGin, a blend of elegance and flavour that is already to be found alongside the biggest names in gastronomy at some of the world’s most prestigious venues. This refinement is reflected in the bottle, which is simple and sophisticated at the same time, sealed with the Tapì T-Wood closure personalized with the Color Filling technique.

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