David Gin: Starcap by Tapì at the service of Michelangelo

Clear, limpid and transparent, David Gin is a distillate designed for lovers of Italian excellence. A masterpiece for those with a thirst for splendour, which communicates a very specific taste for the making of a quality product and in which, as when we admire Tuscan panoramas, attention is paid every detail, enchanting in its simplicity.


The clarity of David Gin recalls limpid Tuscan springs and its fragrance of select herbs and spices such as iris root, juniper, coriander, anise and sweet orange are jealously held in its alcoholic soul, to be sipped neat or, at most, with a few cubes of ice. The wine alcohol and the botanicals that characterize it are distilled and extracted individually, to then be combined in a top-of-the-range product, pure to the eye and richly layered on the palate.


David Gin is a true work of art both in spirit and in form, which is bottled in a replica of the head from Michelangelo’s statue of David. For all these reasons, David Gin is not your “usual gin” but a finest-quality spirit.


Such a fine distillate needs to be sealed with a touch of class and the Starcap, with a diamond effect on the side, is the perfect closure to enhance the purity of a product of such sublime flavour.


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Gin David
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