Annesanti Umbria Rosato Frizzante IGP Raspato 2018: a wine with youthful packaging sealed with Mekano by Tapì Revò

The Mekano closure, from the Tapì Revò brand, has been selected by Annesanti to seal its Raspato 2018 wine – a sparkling rosé with colourful, innovative packaging.

The family-run business is located in the town of Arrone in the Valnerina valley, where olives, grain, vegetables and grapes are cultivated across twenty hectares of land. The business is strongly traditional in its set up, where self-sufficiency is key and nature’s rhythms are embraced, but it also focusses on biodynamic growing and the balance between men, animals and plants.

Annesanti’s wine production and sale are not this company’s only aims. It’s also working to establish a network, with the help of its wine, to promote and enhance the art, history, traditions and sense of belonging to a unique countryside like that in Valnerino.

With this in mind, the company has come up with highly innovative products and packages them in a youthful way that’s both niche and expected by its target market. Annesanti Umbria Rosato Frizzante IGP Raspato 2018 bottles are sealed with Mekano closures from the Tapì Revò brand. The closure is a significant modern interpretation of the mechanical closure that effectively combines the company’s values.

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Annesanti Umbria Rosato Frizzante IGP Raspato

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