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We came to the food & beverage sector of Luxe Pack 2018 with a variety of innovations in our range for the premium beverage market.

Among the many products in our collections, this was a chance to introduce various new collections in the Signature range, such as Signature Ceramic Inspiration stone effect, Signature Light Inspiration Heavy Plastic and Signature Wood Inspiration with real leather inserts.

Meanwhile, for the Tapì Collection, we presented Abor, the green-design project focused on the reuse of distillation residues/spent lees, as well as a new closure designed for the world of cosmetics.

Signature Ceramic Line – Stone effect

There are two different stone-effect finishes in our Signature Ceramic Inspiration collection. An unrivalled product for the food & beverage market, the stone-effect finish is also an excellent alternative to wood, it has an irregular surface while its dense consistency gives the final product a truly unique craft feel.

Signature Wood Line with leather inserts

Since craft-look packaging designs are becoming increasingly popular in the beverage world, we have come up with Signature Wood Inspirationwith genuine leather inserts, a line of precious closures that enable classic designs to be created in a more modern key.

Signature Light Inspiration Heavy Plastic

Signature Light Inspiration Heavy Plastic is a new range of products made of plastic reinforced with metal. A finish that makes the packaging as a whole heavier, lending prestige and elegance to the finished product.

New Duo cap for the cosmetics industry

This two-in-one closure, designed for the world of cosmetics, facilitates product transport and storage through an innovative method that cuts out all risk of product leakage, enabling the consumer to use the product itself in an easier and more intelligent way.

Abor Project

Abor is an innovative and sustainable project dedicated to the world of spirits. It highlights the product’s origins and history, by re-using distillation residues/spent lees.

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After the great success of its 2017 edition, the Spirits Strategies & Innovation Congress in London is back on 30th and 31st October: an intense two-day event, dedicated to all aspects of innovation in the world of spirits.

After listening to the feedback they got from visitors to the previous edition, , the event organizers decided that the 2018 show would seek to combine strategy with innovation, so as to seek an understanding of how one interacts with the other and how both affect growth in the spirits sector.

The various conferences and speeches will be approaching a wide range of topics from different points of view, but all eyes and ears will be on one in particular: the strategies for attracting and keeping new customers at a time of such huge competition.

A unique opportunity for companies operating in the sector to meet, network, make partnerships and exchange ideas with the industry’s top professionals.

As sponsors of the event, Tapì will be taking part with a vertical presentation of our latest collections. We will be discussing the evolution of packaging in the premium beverage market, with insights into the closures and spirits markets, through the voice of Tapì group R&D Managing Director, Domenico Liberati. We look forward to seeing you on 30th and 31st October at our information desk, and on October 30th at 12:20 for our presentation.

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Du 24 au 26 octobre, nous avons été en Inde, précisément à Mumbai, à l’occasion de Drink Technology. Cet évènement de trois jours a vu la participation d’exposants venus du monde entier, désireux de comprendre l’évolution de l’industrie des boissons au sein du marché indien.

Différentes tables rondes se sont alternées et l’introduction du Buyer-Seller Forum a été très intéressante, une nouveauté de cette année permettant de mettre en contact l’offre et la demande de manière efficace.

Actuellement, la taille du marché indien concernant les boissons alcoolisées est d’environ 15 milliards de roupies, un chiffre qui dépasse largement les 200 millions de dollars. La croissance d’ici 2021, estimée par Euromonitor International, est égale à 100 % pour les boissons sans alcool et à 35 % pour les boissons alcoolisées en général, y compris les spiritueux, le vin et la bière. De grandes prévisions basées principalement sur le changement social et la forte croissance économique que connait le pays.

Drink Technology India a été une opportunité unique pour toucher du doigt les nouvelles possibilités offertes par le marché indien en matière de rencontres et de contamination avec des professionnels du secteur au niveau mondial. Dans notre stand, au cours de ces trois jours à Mumbai, nous étions désireux de présenter toutes les nouveautés de la collection en phase avec les tendances de l’industrie de la boisson et dictées par l’évolution des besoins des consommateurs, notamment des Milléniaux.

Des collections Tapì à Signature : des matériaux innovants et durables pour la création d’emballages uniques et hautement personnalisés.

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