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Have you ever thought of using ageing barrels to seal your products?
T-Cask is a design that supports the environment and helps to reduce our impact on it. An innovative production process means we can reuse barrels used for ageing that are at the end of their lifecycle.
The result is an exclusive, sustainable closure that incorporates deep, engaging storytelling – relating the origins of the product. It does more than just highlighting a brand’s green design values as they are investing in the production of their own closure creation.



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The essential concept of T-Cask is based on two of the core values of sustainability: Reuse.


With our innovative process, Tapì works to reduce waste and preserve our natural resources.


Principal benefits of T-Cask

Tapì Group Reuse

Reuse of residual end-of-life materials

Tapì Group Rethink

Rethink the materials to make it reusable in its entirety

Tapì Group Respect

Respect the environment using natural and sustainable material

Tapì Group Laser

Customizable with laser

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LEI stands for the straightforward description of the Tapì company’s mission. That is, to reduce our impact on the environment, so we can look after our planet.
LEI also conveys the personification of Mother Earth – the one who takes care of the world and teaches us to respect the beautiful environment where we live.

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