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LEI – Low Environmental Impact – stands for the straightforward description of the Tapì company’s mission. That is, to reduce the impact on the environment, so we can look after our planet.

LEI also conveys the personification of Mother Earth – the one who takes care of the world and teaches us to respect the beautiful environment where we live.


Reducing production and consumption. Waste reduction helps cut down on material to be recycled or reused.


Reusing components to breathe new life into them, including for purposes other than those they were originally intended for. Doing so means rethinking packaging to make it reusable in its entirety.


Processing and disposing of objects or waste properly, turning them into new raw material to create fresh products and packaging. A shared approach to ensure efficient recycling at a global level.



Rethink the materials and the packaging to make it reusable in its entirety.



Respect the environment using natural and sustainable material. Work to reduce the Carbon Footprint of products.





These are the values we base our company mission on, helping to improve our planet from an ecological perspective.

For 20 years, we have been committed to providing the most sustainable production methods, supply chains and manufacturing processes through the adoption of renewable energy sources and continuing to invest in research and innovation. Today, we design and produce sustainable closures that have minimal impact on the environment, in line with the green design requirements of our customer’s reference market.


We supply products and use innovative systems that combine functionality, eye-catching aesthetics and a focus on the environment.

See our complete range:


NEOS by Tapì is a cutting-edge technology that reduces a product’s carbon footprint, through the use of polymers from renewable sources.

At its heart is the ongoing search for new elements that drive down the use of non-petroleum-based raw materials and come from sustainable sources while offering the same performance levels and suitability for food and drink products.

Neos promotes the use of raw materials from renewable sources and maintains product performance levels and aesthetics: changing the origin of the raw materials, not their effectiveness.


Polyurethane-free is the new trend in the closure world for spirits: Natural beauty and innovative characteristics.

Pure is a polyurethane-free closure made from a blend of polymers from renewable sources – Neos Technology – and natural cork micro granules.

The presence of micro granules within the polymer structure gives background to a product that looks natural and that has no impact in terms of taste and smell.

It was designed for distillate producers looking for a traditional look, but who wanted innovation through high-performance, sustainable packaging elements.

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