Zöld Diò – a distinctive liqueur with a Mekano seal

Mekano by Tapì Revò for Zöld Diò


This original, special-edition liqueur was invented by the Szicsek KFT distillery in central-eastern Hungary.

Named Zöld Diò, this beverage has been made from a base of distilled apples. Green walnuts that are typical to the region are then added along with a variety of herbs to lend it a unique flavour. The infusion is made during June and steeps for anywhere between three and six months. The liqueur is then filtered and packaged.

The packaging for Zöld Diò has been tailor-made. The bottle is in the traditional style used for home-made liqueurs and perfectly reflects the artisan values that inspired it. The transparent sections show off the liqueur’s very dark colour, instiled by the walnuts, while the label stands out with its striking green. This colour selection is also echoed in the Mekano closure from the Tapì Revò brand, lending the packaging as a whole a distinctive, pioneering feel.


Zöld Diò