Psi Gin from Distillerie L’Officine – a distinctive gin sealed with Pandora Stone Effect

Distillerie L’Officine shows fresh confidence in the Tapì Group with its choice of closure from our distinguished Signature Ceramic Inspiration range, to seal its new Psi Gin


Psi Gin was crafted in a partnership between Distillerie l’Officine and a wine maker from Alsace. This collaborative work has developed a unique gin with distinctive floral aromas, presented in a premium bottle with an embroidered fabric label.

Its name reflects the connection between the Greek letter psi and the number 700. A volume of the same amount is contained in the packaging, sealed with a Pandora closure with Stone Effect finish, from our Signature Ceramic Inspiration range.

The result is all round sensory experience – from its look and feel to its taste – not forgetting the storytelling aspect that enhances the value of both the product and the distillery.

The adventure behind Distillerie L’Officine was set in motion by a unique story – Baptiste Kirchhoffer’s visionary moment happened during a run-of-the-mill evening with other back packers in New Zealand. They were playing the card game Uno, and one guy couldn’t deal with losing at cards and needed a gin and tonic to keep his temper in check. This is when Baptiste’s inspiration appeared – set up a distillery in his birthplace, the Alsace region.

Over the years, Distillerie L’Officine has become established within the French market for its excellent spirits and for its ethical production processes. Raw materials from organic growers have been used alongside produce from the distillery’s kitchen garden with water sourced only from the local area to make this gin.

Many distinctive products – one of them Psi Gin – have been created from this context. They are all masterpieces in distillation to indulge all our senses.



Psi Gin