Filliers Distillery Vodka

Our premium closure for Filliers Distillery Vodka

Summer is almost here – the perfect time to enjoy an evening cocktail mixed with Filliers Distillery Vodka. A fresh, clean flavour with gentle hints of grain and aromatic herbs, preserved and sealed by our closure made in beech wood. The fresh, sleek, precise product image is enhanced by our closure’s harmonious design.

The closure’s head has been fire branded with the company logo, a symbol of simple lines etched into the wood to create a long-lasting effect of clean precision.

Fire branding is a process that reflects an artisanal appeal but also lends an elegant look that’s right on trend. It spotlights the essential line design, combining it with the appeal of a naturally stylish material – beech wood. 

We were inspired to create a closure to encourage people to rediscover the essence of distilling by blending the richness of their story with their product’s innovative flair.

This is our customized solution for the spirits brand, Filliers Distillery.


Filliers Distillery Vodka