Chira Vodka

Our Starlight closure for Chira Vodka, an explosion of elegance and design

Chira Vodka is a new product offering on the French premium vodka scene: a distillate with a elegant and aromatic profile, featuring floral notes and a strong, contemporary designer image.

All of these characteristics combine perfectly to match our Starlight Ischia closure.

The closure was designed to ensure sealability for the liquid inside, eliminating any risk of the pourer breaking or coming apart. Assembled using a state-of-the-art ultrasonic welding technique not requiring any glue, the product also features a lockring positioned just below the head, which fastens the components even more securely, preventing them from coming loose or breaking during use.

For our clients we have created the closure with white head and its leg in white synthetic resin, which becomes one with the bottle, bringing out this product’s elegance and contemporary feel.

The detail that truly embellishes the packaging is the metallic lockring, which lends brilliance and charm with its glinting reflections, bringing out all the beauty of this futuristic closure.

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Chira Vodka