T-Mix, the pourer closure for Premium Carapelli oils

There are five premium products in the Carapelli range: Oro verde, Nobile, Organic, Centenary and Unfiltered. All are sealed with the groundbreaking pourer closure from Tapì, T-Mix. The primary feature of this closure that highlights the excellence of these oils, is its drip-free pourer, which ensures precision and ease-of-use.

Casa Olearia Carapelli, one of the leading brands both in Italy and worldwide, could not have chosen a better-performing closure for its high-quality condiments. This synthetic bar top closure with a black head marries perfectly with the bottle’s distinctive style.

These exquisite oils have been carefully selected to preserve their premium qualities – ideal as a dressing to showcase their colour tones, flavours and aromas.

Products like these demand detailed attention to their conservation. For this reason, they are presented in specially selected bottles that preserve their sensory characteristics at the same time as giving them an exclusive aesthetic appeal.

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