Mekano for Arnao Vermut – the Atlantic coast aperitif with a bold character

Discosta Norte picks Tapì to seal its Arnao Vermut


Arnao is a vermouth with a bold character, just like the features of its native landscape.

Made by Discosta Norte in northern Galicia, this fresh, youthful aperitif reflects the key elements of sea and wind in its packaging.

As Enpedra Wine Design Studio explains, the intention was to create branding that echoes Arnao Vermut. Aimed at attracting the younger market, this original design conveys both its provenance and its story.

A lively palette of elements and colours directly evokes the north of Spain for the consumer. A real departure in product design when compared to traditional vermouth packaging. This kind of packaging could only lead to the choice of Mekano – a cutting-edge closure designed by the creative lab, Tapì Revò.


Arnao Vermut