Aceto Balsamico Del Duca selects Tapì to seal their prestigious products

The history of Aceto Balsamico Del Duca goes back as far as 1891 and is based on Adriano Grosoli’s founding concept. Grosoli decided to open a shop to sell specialities that he made himself, focusing entirely on quality. An ambitious project in those days, but as it was so unique it immediately stood out from the rest and in 1927, it was awarded the Italian prize for traditional products, Diploma di Gran Premio e Medaglia d’oro per la speciale lavorazione di prodotti tradizionali.

Today, the fifth generation of the family run the company and it’s still producing exceptionally fine condiments.

Dal 1891 is a balsamic vinegar from the Selezione Speciale range from Del Duca. It’s no accident that this vinegar has been named after the founding year of the company. Its flavour evokes a past time – when its recipe was noted on a sheet of paper and rediscovered many years later in a dusty loft, keen to be brought to light once again. A vinegar with an elegant, refined flavour that’s unparalleled. And sealed by our pourer closure, T-Mix – perfect for the condiments sector.


Del Duca