10 Marzo 2021

NO Alcohol, LOW Calorie: Nolow chooses Tapì to seal its innovative products

T-Wood for Nolow, a no-alcohol spirit that’s mindful of consumers’ wellbeing

Nolow is an independent French design, created from the Eygeubelle company’s vision and supported by the Aelred distillery.

Drink less but better is the essential concept of this distilled drink. It has intense echoes of gin flavours and aromas but without the alcohol.

The brand’s strong points range from their exceptional skills in selecting raw materials as well as the transparency they display around product origins and their artisan production methods. The best botanicals, herbs and spices are singled out and then distilled to create a distinctive aromatic blend, offering an informed, healthy choice.

Nolow’s packaging evokes that of traditional premium spirits, highlighting its main characteristics on the label – the absence of alcohol. A genuinely original product that can only be sealed by a coinjected T-Wood closure, with varnish finish and pad print detail. By Tapì.