Matador Sangria – a typical Spanish product sealed by Mekano

Matador Sangria is an innovative product from Licinia Wines, a wine producer with strong connections with the wine flavours that originate from the south-east of Madrid.

The cellar is located in Morata district, in the DO Vinos of Madrid – one of the most important and compelling wine-producing regions in Spain. In ancient Roman times, Morata was known as Licinia and it is precisely this piece of history that inspired the founders, Víctor Algora and José Ramón Lisarrague, to choose this name for their brand.

Licinia’s tag line is no compromise. Matador Sangria originated from just this vision, with the creation of a drink made from the best base wines with the addition of fruit. A perfect tribute to the soil and spirit of Madrid, enclosed in highly coloured packaging and sealed with an opaque-headed Mekano.


Matador Sangria