Luz Gin – a distillate of a thousand shades reflected in Starlight by Tapì

Distilleria Marzadro chose to seal their Luz Gin with a Starlight closure from the Collection range


Distilleria Marzadro’s roots are deeply embedded in Italy’s Trento region. Its long history goes back three generations and began in the post-war years with Sabina Marzadro’s dream – to create a distinctive grappa through the art of distilling.

The best raw materials, plenty of dedication and tenacity, these were the essential ingredients handed down by Sabina to follow her dream, which is now a reality.

Distilleria Marzadro has created a long list of products over its 71 years, from grappas and bitters, through to fruit and herb-based liqueurs. Yet the desire for new experiences is difficult to suppress when the passion’s there. For this reason, Marzado took the decision to launch something completely new, Gin Luz, developed in collaboration with the bartender Leonardo Veronesi.

It’s a super-fresh, aromatic gin with balsamic and floral notes that complement its juniper aromas. This distillate is dry, smooth and has a long finish with a thousand nuances, all enhanced with the light reflections in Starlight – the Tapì Collection closure selected to round off its packaging.

The closure fits perfectly with the packaging, as it plays with the translucency and colours that complement the bottle’s shape and label design.

One of Starlight’s features is that it is assembled using a unique ultrasound technology that avoids the use of glue and removes the risk of breakage or detachment when in use.

Find out more about the Starlight closure, the variety of colour combinations and customisation options available.


Luz Gin