Tailor Made

We not only customize caps with engravings, colors, and medallions, but we also produce ad-hoc caps according to the requests and needs of each customer. Each cap is created as if it were a small work of art capable of enhancing the qualities of each bottle and spirit.

Don Papa

Don Papa is a luxury rum with a strong personality.
We designed a closure to reflect this rum’s authentic character, enhancing the product’s overall design and highlighting its distinctive packaging.

The feelings and emotions evoked by a genuine rum need to be coherent with its visual look and feel conveyed by what is around it: from bottle to packaging. We developed
a cedar wood closure to seal the cylinder-shaped presentation packaging. As wood is easy to sculpt, it can
be made into products with harmonious, smooth shapes that can be enhanced through craftsmanship and color solutions to adapt the material in line with the artistic design. A closure with a traditional style enhanced with
a laser-drawn, graphic line is an icon, reflecting the identity of a culture rooted in this high-quality artisan product’s tradition.

Client: Don Papa

Base product: Special Project

Zöld Diò

This original, special-edition liqueur was invented by the Szicsek KFT distillery in central-eastern Hungary. Named Zöld Diò, this beverage has been made from a base of distilled apples. Green walnuts that are typical to the region are then added along with a variety of herbs to lend it a unique flavor. The infusion is made during June and steeps for anywhere between three and six months. The liqueur is then filtered and packaged. The packaging for Zöld Diò has been tailor-made. The bottle is in the traditional style used for home-made liqueurs and perfectly reflects the artisan values that inspired it. The transparent sections show off the liquor’s very dark color, instilled by the walnuts, while the label stands out with its striking green. This color selection is also echoed in the Mekano closure from the Tapì Revò brand, lending the packaging as a whole a distinctive, pioneering feel.

Client: Zöld Diò

Base product: Mekano

Filliers Vodka

Filliers Distillery Vodka is a fresh, clean flavor with gentle hints of grain and aromatic herbs, preserved and sealed by our closure made in beech wood. The fresh, sleek, precise product image is enhanced by our closure’s harmonious design. The closure’s head has been fire branded with the company logo, a symbol of simple lines etched into the wood to create a long-lasting effect of clean precision. Fire branding is a process that reflects an artisanal appeal but also lends an elegant look that’s right on trend. It spotlights the essential line design, combining it with the appeal of a naturally stylish material: beech wood. We were inspired to create a closure to encourage people to rediscover the essence of distilling by blending the richness of their story with their product’s innovative flair. This is our customized solution for the spirits brand, Filliers Distillery.

Client: Filliers Vodka

Base product: T-Wood