Esfir Vodka, the symbol of French nightlife, chooses Starlight to seal its packaging

The Starlight cap, with its thousand glinting lights, has been chosen by Esfir Drinks for its Vodka

The emblem of the French night-life scene is contained in Esfir Vodka, a super premium distillate enjoyed  in many of France’s finest night clubs. A Bulgarian vodka, conceived in the city of Brest – in the département of Finistère – the brainchild of two young Bretons: Pierre Arbellot-Repaire and Yohann Kermarrec, who had both just come of age at the time.

After visiting various artisan distilleries, they came up with the idea of crafting an exceptional Bulgarian vodka made entirely of soft wheat, harvested around the delightfully-preserved city of Plovdiv, and water from the Rhodopes, one of Bulgaria’s (and Europe’s) oldest mountain ranges.

A recipe with ancestral origins and a strong cultural identity that nevertheless stands out with its unforgettably modern youthful flavour, highlighted by its cutting-edge packaging. Produced many miles away from France, but bottled in Cognac, Esfir Vodka is sealed by a Starlight by Tapì closure, which highlights the characteristics and values of a super-current product that is very much appreciated by young people from France and elsewhere.

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