Don Papa

Don Papa Rum – our wooden closure boosts its packaging design 

From the stunningly exotic Philippines, Don Papa is a luxury rum with a strong, resolute personality. We designed a closure to reflect this rum’s authentic character, enhancing the product’s overall design and highlighting its distinctive packaging.  


The feelings and emotions evoked by a genuine rum need to be coherent with its visual look and feel conveyed by what is around it – from bottle to packaging. This should reflect its aspirations and be consistent with a narrative that tells the customer about the unique features, characteristics and qualities offered by the brand and the product.


From this starting point, we developed a cedar wood closure to seal the cylinder-shaped presentation packaging. As wood is easy to sculpt, it can be made into products with harmonious, smooth shapes that can be enhanced through craftsmanship and color solutions to adapt the material in line with the artistic design. A closure with a traditional style enhanced with a laser-drawn, graphic line is an icon, reflecting the identity of a culture rooted in this high-quality artisan product’s tradition. The result is a value-added closure with a confident, modern design in keeping with the brand’s story. 

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Don Papa