Zirkova Vodka seals its spirits with Starlight from Tapì

Fresh, colourful and bursting with sparkle – Zirkova Vodka’s Starlight closure

Zirkova’s roots are found in the determination of a Canadian couple, John and Katherine Vellinga, to bring the original Ukrainian vodka recipe back to their home country. Today’s vodka is the result of years of formulation and experimentation – of varying success – to create two ultra-premium vodkas that differentiate this brand.

Zirkova One and Zirkova Together are both produced in the village of Zolotonosha, Ukraine, where the vodka culture is ingrained in the social fabric. And this is just where everything started. After years of painstaking research and testing to find the perfect solution, two types of vodka have been created – ideal for drinking neat or mixed.

Both of these Zirkova products have distinctive packaging – one in black, the other red – with a bottle to enhance the distillate’s premium status. All sealed with a youthful closure, Starlight from the Tapì brand.

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