Creativity and quality: Villa RhuMista chooses Tapì to enhance its values

Dome, from the Signature range signed by Tapì, has been chosen by Villa RhuMista as the closure for its special rums

Creativity is one of Villa RhuMista’s main values, as it makes it possible to stimulate a whole series of emotional reactions, which is what consumers are looking for today. Experience, moments of sharing and stimulation of the human senses through new experiences in taste.

Villa RhuMista is not only about producing rum, but especially about giving added value to purchasers. The ideal product for giving yourself a little treat or for sharing moments of great intensity.

Natural craftsmanship and know-how creating balanced, gourmet recipes, without using any flavourings or colourings, in a production process that is very close to traditional savoir-faire. Flavours and scents blend exquisitely, for a range of premium rums enhanced by packaging that fully reflects the values underlying each distillate.

A bottle that recalls ancient times, perfect blends bordering on alchemy. As the perfect way to seal its distillates, Villa RhuMista chose Tapi Signature’s Dome, made of natural wood with a personalized copper label on top and side. A perfect closure to enhance the brand’s values in the eyes of its customers.

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