Huile d'olive picholine vierge extra: a precious oil sealed by a W-Mix

La Maison Oleisys chooses the W-Mix by Tapì pourer cap for its Huile d’olive picholine vierge extra

In the tradition of French luxury culinary products, La Maison Oleisys’ main objective is to ensure excellent flavour by producing different types of stand-out oils, including Picholine: a rich variety of natural flavours.

A rare quality and a grand cru terroir from the ancient soils of the Moyen Atlas, where the fruit orchards perched above the green valleys of olive trees have inspired La Maison Oleisys to convert this colourful palette into a legend of delicacy and finesse.

La Maison Oleisys’ huile d’olive picholine vierge extra blends the excellence of the Moroccan terroir with the know-how of French luxury, highlighted by its jewel-like bottles sealed by Tapì’s W-Mix pourer cap, a guarantee of excellence and quality, personalized with a wooden head painted black and hot stamped in gold. A refined elegant packaging solution that successfully communicates the preciousness of this special oil.

Maison Oleisys