Packaging Première: luxury packaging at Fieramilanocity

Over the last few days, from 28th to 30th May, we went up to Milan for Packaging Première, an all-Italian event dedicated entirely to luxury packaging.
Designers, international brands and manufacturers – Fieramilanocity provided an excellent opportunity to exchange views and ideas with other experts and firms, as well as to discuss premiere launches and new trends in the packaging sector.

A success for the third year in a row, aiming to consolidate the concept of packaging as a vehicle for experiential communication on the premium spirits scene. An exclusive event, with great attention to every single detail, as well as a showcase and a discussion space designed around seven macro-areas welcoming exhibitors from the food & beverage and other sectors.

We are proud both to have taken part and that one of the many ranges we presented was our Signature range – exclusive designer closures for unique spirits.

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Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack: 4 and 5 June 2019

Luxe Pack, the global luxury-packaging event, has launched a spin-off event for 2019, completely given over to the concept of green design: Édition spéciale.
On 4th and 5th June, we will be flying to Paris, to Carreau du Temple, where we will be presenting our environmentally-sustainable innovations: from Abor, closures made from spent lees from the distillation process, to the Signature Ceramic and Wood range, both made from natural, eco-sustainable materials.

A first edition, in an amazing location, the ideal place for brands and producers to come up with ad hoc solutions that will help the environment. The issue of sustainability is more topical than ever, which is reflected in the large turnout of exhibitors eager to introduce their green solutions to participating companies.

Here at Tapì we also regarded this as an unmissable event, as we are committed to sustainable action and to designing Planet-friendly closures. We look forward to meeting you at Carreau du Temple at Booth B20!

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Design, functionality, sustainability and beauty: the Tapì Group’s creative and innovative concept

With our 20 years of experience in the sector, here at Tapì we are very much geared towards of the concepts of design, functionality, sustainability and beauty. Unique closures designed specifically for the products they will be sealing. A beauty that sets apart every single seal, created to enhance each and every component of the packaging.

Tapì’s new Brand Architecture is rooted in these concepts, expressed through the following tagline:

“Uniqueness inside, beauty on top.”

“Uniqueness”, linked to our customers’ products which we carefully seal with all of our heart, “beauty” as an aesthetic and functional concept inherent in our packaging-enhancing design creations. 

A new identity that amplifies not only the brand as a whole, but also the Business Units that make up Tapì today:

  • Tapì Collection is a perfect blend of design, innovation and quality materials;
  • Tapì Signature, which embodies elements of style, prestige and elegance;
  • Tapì Revò, the creative workshop which studies and develops new product and service solutions, with the focus on practicality and environmental sustainability.

Three separate – yet perfectly complementary – business units, each of which helps create little jewels for the spirits, wine, oil and condiments, beer and cosmetics sectors. Daily innovation that enables us to anticipate the trends of a constantly-evolving packaging market.


Ab heute erscheint Tapì in neuer Gestaltung mit einem neuen koordinierten Image, das von Design, Innovation und der Aufmerksamkeit für einen Markt in konstanter Entwicklung spricht: eine neue Stufe auf einem langen Weg zur Exzellenz und Internationalisierung unserer Marke.

Im Sinne einer strategischen Maßnahme haben wir zum Jahresbeginn 2019 beschlossen, eine neue Plattform für das Global Branding anzuwenden, um unsere Markenarchitektur zu harmonisieren und außer dem Bewusstsein auch die Bekanntheit auf dem globalen Markt zu verstärken. Ein kleiner, großer Schritt, damit wir uns als internationale Unternehmensgruppe in ständiger Entwicklung behaupten können.

Ein neues Logo, eine neue Website, neue Leitlinien für die Kommunikation, eine Überarbeitung unserer Business Units und das Projekt TapInk sind nur einige Elemente für das Global Branding Tapì. Und dies alles steht für eine neue Öffnung speziell für unseren Referenzmarkt: Premium Beverage.

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