Starlight Mix: the pourer cap that will give your products style

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Starlight Mix: the pourer cap that will give your products style

Brightness, colour and unique highlights: these are the characteristics of Starlight Mix, the pourer cap that will give your packaging its exclusive feel.

Starlight Mix was designed to ensure sealability for the liquid inside, eliminating any risk of the pourer breaking or coming apart. The various parts of the pourer are assembled using a cutting-edge ultrasonic welding technique, which uses no glue, in order to preserve the quality of the liquid inside.

Aesthetically pleasing and functional, every detail of Starlight Mix is customizable. The head, lockring and leg can be made either transparent or with solid colours, thus creating creative combinations of tints and shades.

Light and colour interchange, attracting the eye with their irresistible elegance – Starlight Mix is this and much more.

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Aus der kontinuierlichen Recherche nach innovativem Design und Prozessen der Tapì Group entsteht ABOR: die neue Reihe mit umweltschonenden Verschlüssen, die aus den Destillationsrückständen der Produkte der Kunden selbst von Tapì hergestellt werden.

Natur und Technologie vereinen sich zu individuellen, praktischen Lösungen, die durch kreative Wiederverwertung und Recycling von Rückständen von Trester, Gerstenmalz, Zuckerrohr, Mais, Hafer und Agave erreicht werden. Die trockenen pflanzlichen Elemente, die keine andere Verwendung mehr haben, werden mit synthetischem Material gemischt, um einen Verschluss mit einer im Innersten „grünen“ Seele zu bilden.

ABOR (aus dem Lateinischen „ab origine“, wörtlich „von den Ursprüngen“, „von Anfang an“) stellt also eine Rückkehr zum materischen Ursprung dar, von dem es stammt. Diese Reihe spricht von dem Produkt und seiner Geschichte und bringt den Rohstoff mit seiner Natürlichkeit zur Geltung, die damit zum wesentlichen Bestandteil des Packagings wird.

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Our trip to Mumbai

tapigroup 28 November 2018 0

From October 24th to 26th, we were in the Indian city of Mumbai for Drink Technology. This three-day event attracted exhibitors from all over the world, interested in understanding how the beverage industry is evolving within the Indian market.

Several Round Table Talks were held, while one fascinating introduction this year was the Buyer-Seller Forum, which connected the demand and supply sides in a highly efficient way.

Currently, the Indian market for alcoholic beverages is around 15 billion rupees, the equivalent of well over 200 million US dollars. Growth estimates by Euromonitor International, by 2021, amount to 100% for soft drinks and 35% for alcoholic drinks in general, including spirits, wine and beer. These excellent forecasts are rooted mainly in the social changes and strong economic growth that the country is experiencing.

Drink Technology India was a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the Indian market’s potential, as well as to learn and exchange viewpoints with sector professionals at global level. At this Mumbai event, our booth concentrated on presenting all the new items in our collections, which look to match trends in the beverage industry, dictated by the evolution of consumer needs, especially amongst Millennials.

From Tapì to Signature collections: innovative and sustainable materials for unique and highly customized packaging.

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“What Drives You?”: the Peugeot event starring Tapì

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What pushes you, what guides you? What drives you, the focus of the new launch format for the 508, the latest addition to the Peugeot stable.

A question which might be seen as provocative, but which Peugeot decided to ask entrepreneurs who represent Italian excellence around the world. The world-renowned automobile brand asked a range of entrepreneurs to explain what drives their commitment and professional growth, exploring the various crossover points between the automotive sector and the motivational and aspirational impetus that has led Italian entrepreneurship to thrive in a variety of different sectors.

The goal of the format was to highlight companies driven by their dreams, through people with a burning desire for growth who like to step well out of their comfort zone.

Tapì was one of the stars at the event, along with some of Italy’s finest companies, first at Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua and then at the Unicredit Pavilion in Milan. A unique opportunity to tell our story and set out our goals. We are proud to have been chosen by Peugeot as an example of Italian excellence.

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Tapi’s closure for the diffuser sector

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Our many years of experience in the world of spirits, and in the beverage world as a whole, has enabled us to design an innovative closure for air fresheners.

The main problem for these diffusers is that there is no suitable cap to help the end customer open them quickly and simply. Indeed, air fresheners generally have a dual closure: a screw cap with a hole where the sticks come out and a plastic cap for sealing the contents in so that they don’t spill during storage or transport.

Duo, Tapì’s new two-in-one closure, acts as both cap and ring to house the reeds that release the fragrance into the air.

Duo can provide manufacturers with a series of advantages:

  • Lower production costs as only one component needs to be purchased;
  • Greater aesthetic appeal as both the wood and the internal closure can generally be customized;
  • Simple storage and transport for the finished product, without any risk of leakage.

Our long experience of designing innovative closures for our customers in the beverage sector means we know just how important it is to preserve aromas. That is why we designed Duo, to make it easier to close air fresheners, with reeds that help to diffuse the fragrance.

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Signature Stone: the new Tapì closure underscoring the craftsmanship in the spirits world

tapigroup 20 November 2018 0

As we are well aware, craftsmanship is a growing trend in the beverage sector, so its packaging needs to fully reflect the essence of the finished product.

Signature Stone, the new closure designed by Tapì as part of the Signature Ceramic range, uses an ecological material (ceramics, of course) combined with a leg that can be made out of a synthetic material, cork or micro-agglomerate, according to the customer’s requirements.

As well as fitting in with the craftsmanship trend, which is increasingly popular among end customers, it is also an ethical green-design choice. A natural noble material that helps makes closures into true artistic masterpieces.

Stone-finish ceramic helps create one-of-a-kind packaging, dedicated to the world of premium spirits. What is more, it acts as a trait d’union between innovation and tradition, enriching a functional element – in this case a traditional closure – with the expressive qualities of an age-old material such as ceramics.

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The King of American Whiskey, has passed away

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Dave Pickerell, the King of American Whiskey, has passed away

On 1 November, in San Francisco, Dave Pickerell lost his fight against hypertensive heart failure.

His death has left a great void in the spirits sector. The King of American Whiskey played a central role in the growth of the Maker’s Mark brand. And he put the experience he had gained over the years to good use in recent times, helping dozens of entrepreneurs with small-scale craft distilleries to grow and thrive.

Dave Pickerell used to play American Football, but was also a chemical engineer who set out to transfer the high quality standards in the chemical industry into whiskey distillation, both at Maker’s Mark and at smaller distilleries such as Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery.

He earned himself the nickname “Johnny Appleseed of American Whiskey”, through his expertise and his influence on the production of some of the most expensive premium whiskeys, and his passing will leave a huge gap in the beverage industry.

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A formative experience and a place to share our knowhow

tapigroup 9 November 2018 0

On the 30th and 31st October, we were in London for the Spirits Strategies & Innovation Congress, an intense two-day event, dedicated to strategy innovations on the spirits market.

The event saw a string of interesting conferences and speeches: a unique opportunity to generate complementarities and synergies among the various professionals and companies operating on the international scene.

As sponsors of the event, Tapì took part with a vertical presentation about the closures sector. The evolution of technologies and market trends, use of materials and those little innovations that help to preserve the finished product even better.

The generation born between 1980 and 2000, the so-called Millennials, play a central role in shaping trends in the packaging world, which of course also has a knock-on effect in the closures sector.

Eco-sustainability, craftsmanship and brand-related experience are just some of the values which are so deeply rooted within their generation – which is why leading beverage companies are evolving marketing strategies to encompass such trends: aiming to satisfy what is a growing – yet at the same time increasingly niche – demand.

Anticipating trends is vital if we are going to continue to respond to the market. That is why, in recent years, Tapì has also evolved towards new technologies and innovative materials, seeking to offer increasingly complete and exclusive elements, especially to premium brand producers.

Differentiation, customization and exclusivity. These are the principles of the Abor project, of Signature Ceramic and Wood Inspiration, some of the Tapì closures that embellish packaging aiming to improve the consumer’s experience.

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The luxury packaging fair and the new collections we presented

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Luxe Pack 2018: the luxury packaging fair and the new collections we presented

We came to the food & beverage sector of Luxe Pack 2018 with a variety of innovations in our range for the premium beverage market.

Among the many products in our collections, this was a chance to introduce various new collections in the Signature range, such as Signature Ceramic Inspiration stone effect, Signature Light Inspiration Heavy Plastic and Signature Wood Inspiration with real leather inserts.

Meanwhile, for the Tapì Collection, we presented Abor, the green-design project focused on the reuse of distillation residues/spent lees, as well as a new closure designed for the world of cosmetics.

Signature Ceramic Line – Stone effect

There are two different stone-effect finishes in our Signature Ceramic Inspiration collection. An unrivalled product for the food & beverage market, the stone-effect finish is also an excellent alternative to wood, it has an irregular surface while its dense consistency gives the final product a truly unique craft feel.

Signature Wood Line with leather inserts

Since craft-look packaging designs are becoming increasingly popular in the beverage world, we have come up with Signature Wood Inspiration with genuine leather inserts, a line of precious closures that enable classic designs to be created in a more modern key.

Signature Light Inspiration Heavy Plastic

Signature Light Inspiration Heavy Plastic is a new range of products made of plastic reinforced with metal. A finish that makes the packaging as a whole heavier, lending prestige and elegance to the finished product.

New Duo cap for the cosmetics industry

This two-in-one closure, designed for the world of cosmetics, facilitates product transport and storage through an innovative method that cuts out all risk of product leakage, enabling the consumer to use the product itself in an easier and more intelligent way.

Abor Project

Abor is an innovative and sustainable project dedicated to the world of spirits. It highlights the product’s origins and history, by re-using distillation residues/spent lees.

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The two-day strategic event dedicated to the distillates sector ​

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Spirits Strategies & Innovation Congress: the two-day strategic event dedicated to the distillates sector

After the great success of its 2017 edition, the Spirits Strategies & Innovation Congress in London is back on 30th and 31st October: an intense two-day event, dedicated to all aspects of innovation in the world of spirits.

After listening to the feedback they got from visitors to the previous edition, the event organizers decided that the 2018 show would seek to combine strategy with innovation, so as to seek an understanding of how one interacts with the other and how both affect growth in the spirits sector.

The various conferences and speeches will be approaching a wide range of topics from different points of view, but all eyes and ears will be on one in particular: the strategies for attracting and keeping new customers at a time of such huge competition.

A unique opportunity for companies operating in the sector to meet, network, make partnerships and exchange ideas with the industry’s top professionals.

As sponsors of the event, Tapì will be taking part with a vertical presentation of our latest collections. We will be discussing the evolution of packaging in the premium beverage market, with insights into the closures and spirits markets, through the voice of Tapì group R&D Managing Director, Domenico Liberati.

We look forward to seeing you on 30th and 31st October at our information desk, and on October 30th at 12:20 for our presentation.

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