Roma Bar Show 2024: Navigating the Future of the Beverage Industry and Mixology

This year, we once again attended the Roma Bar Show 2024 as visitors to explore the latest trends and innovations in the spirits sector. This event is a reference point for the beverage industry and the world of mixology.

The program was rich with appointments, experiences, masterclasses, tastings, and numerous exhibition areas dedicated to the spirits industry. Here, we had the opportunity to discover new brands and their products, as well as to meet distinguished names and internationally renowned speakers. 


A Comprehensive and Engaging Experience

This fourth edition was a true full immersion experience, allowing us to meet and exchange opinions with many of our current clients and connect with dozens of brands and industry operators within the 10,000 square meters of exhibition space spread over three floors. It was an engaging and educational experience, essential for understanding the key current topics driving the industry.


Current and Emerging Trends in the Spirits Market

The gin market continues to be a prominent trend, with the emergence of new and interesting brands experimenting with various botanicals. This phenomenon is accompanied by growing enthusiasm for innovations in mixing and distillation, leading to the creation of gins with increasingly complex and distinctive aromatic profiles.

In the Italian market, there is a constant increase in interest and importation of whisky in all its forms. This spirit, beloved by enthusiasts, is increasingly winning over traditional consumers as well.

We have noticed a renewed interest in vodka, which is experiencing a renaissance thanks to the introduction of advanced production techniques and the exploration of unusual ingredients. Moreover, it is impossible to overlook the rise of no-alcohol solutions, which are becoming increasingly refined and appreciated. These products, which credibly and deeply replicate the aromas and flavors of every type of distilled spirit, offer sophisticated and varied alternatives for those who wish to enjoy the pleasure of an alcohol-free drink.

It is also impossible not to mention the rise, increasingly appreciated and present, of agave-based products. Among these, Tequila has become a true ambassador, having conquered our latitudes in recent years, along with Mezcal and its smoky notes, which are increasingly making inroads into the Western market.

Our participation in the fourth edition of the Roma Bar Show 2024, “Take your time to shake,” was, as always, an important opportunity to find inspiration, identify trends in the spirits sector, and gain a comprehensive view of a market that is fundamental to us.

Exploration and curiosity are the main drivers that allow us to consistently offer the best aesthetic and technical solutions, providing high-quality, cutting-edge proposals that meet our clients’ needs.