Tapì Embraces Gender Equality: Policy and Initiatives for an Inclusive Company

Tapì S.p.A. has announced the adoption of a gender equality policy, committing to prevent and combat any form of discrimination within its corporate community. This initiative is based on the principles of the company’s Code of Ethics and follows the guidelines for gender equality outlined in UNI PdR 125:2022.

A Steering Committee has been established to oversee the implementation of this policy and manage reports related to harassment, bullying, discrimination, and gender inclusion. The company promotes internal communication and freedom of expression through the sharing of the Code of Ethics and initiatives aimed at raising awareness among employees about inclusive behaviors.

Furthermore, Tapì S.p.A. has implemented measures to ensure gender equality in the recruitment and hiring process, professional growth, compensation, and practices related to the protection of parenthood and work-life balance. The company has also adopted procedures to prevent any form of physical, verbal, or digital abuse in the workplace and promotes awareness on inclusivity and the prevention of sexual harassment and bullying.

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