NEOS – our trailblazing technology to reduce the carbon footprint impact

Sustainability is a leading theme within the industrial production landscape. A theme that has been at the heart of Tapi’s values and strategy for many years. Through our trailblazing technology, NEOS, we commit to the development of closures to protect the environment, reduce waste and improve efficiencies on a daily basis. 

Based on this exciting project, we constantly seek out new materials, where the petroleum-based are leaving the field open to raw materials derived from eco-sustainable sources with parity of performance. Potential sources are quite varied, including plant-based and biomass materials as well as fermentation waste and others. The advantages of adopting the NEOS technology are fundamental to making sustainable, responsible closures – NEOS reduces a product’s carbon footprint and its impact on the environment at the end of its life cycle. It promotes the use of renewably sourced raw materials at all levels and boosts research into new product design and development approaches, by focusing on the origin of the raw material and its performance.  

NEOS stands as a marker for the technology introduced by Tapi more than five years ago. It proves our pledge to the environment through sustainable solutions for the closure sector.
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Fabric and wood, a perfect combination, between Textil label and our Signature closures

Customising one of the closures in the Signature line with a fabric label means bringing together tradition and modernity to bring out the materiality of both these elements, creating miniature masterpieces with a hand-crafted feel.

The beauty of wood is one of the cornerstones of the Signature Wood line. An elegant material that stands the test of time, suitable both for rounded shapes as well as for regular, geometric ones. A stylish detail which gives each piece its own unfailing uniqueness, capable of surprising at the very first glance. Conceived and crafted as carved wooden sculptures with exquisite customisable inserts, the closures in the Signature line form part of Tapì’s premium range, designed for the most ambitious brands of spirits, condiments and cosmetics.

Closures that bring out the expressiveness of wood, highlighting its natural grain, playfully emphasising the elegance of its shapes, finishes and details.

Textil Label is a strikingly modern custom design applied to the head and side of our wooden closures – a detail that lends materiality to and enhances the appeal of the closure.

Available in different colours, the closure can be made even more unique by embroidering graphics and logos onto the fabric label. The union of wood and fabric, symbols of tradition, gives rise to products capable of suggesting a sense of tactile warmth: a unique result that showcases the craftsmanship used for each form of packaging. Ask about Textil labels for Signature closures.