Sustainability news – EcoVadis has awarded us a silver medal and we’ve published our first Sustainability Report covering 2021

We’re delighted to share some great news in the sustainability area. This year EcoVadis has again awarded us a silver medal, a prestigious award for our business. What’s more, we’ve also published our first ever Sustainability Report, covering 2021.

EcoVadis is a global ratings network for the sustainability of companies, providing assessments on their environmental, social and ethical performance. Achieving the EcoVadis rating once again this year is an excellent result, driving us to pursue our research and development into technologies, materials and products that care for the environment.

Our sustainability report has been written during a year of huge change, where we wanted to bolster our commitment to a more sustainable future, a more responsible community and development with greater awareness of the younger generations.

We are pleased to present our first ever Sustainability Report covering 2021.

It details how we have managed social, environmental and management aspects of our business and what our aims are for sustainable development.

Read the full Sustainability Report for 2021 here –