Packaging Première is back! Trade fair from 24-26 May  

We will be at the Packaging Première trade fair again this year from 24 to 26 May at Fieramilanocity, pavillion 4, stand C02. It is the event to see the previews from the packaging sector, giving room for experimentation and innovation to create new luxury trends. We will be bringing all our best closure designs, ideal for showcasing and enhancing modern and contemporary designs as well as the most refined and traditional styles. 

An exclusive event focused on packaging producers in the luxury sector, aimed at both manufacturers and major international brands looking to entrust their products to solutions that will make a tangible, recognizable mark on the premium sector. 

Discover the future of luxury packaging – we look forward to showing you our full ranges and collections.

Varnishless – the latest technology from Tapì with a sustainable soul

Varnishless – the latest technology from Tapì with a sustainable soul 

Our new technology with a sustainable soul is Varnishless – based on wood being heat treated. The name Varnishless Technology relates directly to the absence of varnish used in the making of this type of closure head. 

The thermal treatment of wood is made up of three phases: 


The wood is dried at a high temperature while its humidity is maintained at a constant level to reach the desired grade of drying.

High-temperature treatment: 

Once the wood has reached the correct humidity level, thermal treatment begins. This is when the wood is heated to a very high temperature, depending on the level of desired coloration.


The conditioning and cooling phase allows the wood to stabilize.

Heat treated wood gains a completely natural look when finished, without the use of any chemicals or the need for any further processing.  

Through the Varnishless technology, heat-treated wood undergoes improvements to its durability, stability and strength. The resilience that wood acquires – over 20 times greater than untreated wood – makes it more resistant to mold, fungus and insects. 

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Wooden finishes – the perfect look for every style!

A material like wood is naturally expressive, giving rise to a wide array of timeless designs accentuating any style – from the contemporary and designer to the more traditional, perennial looks.  

Unlike other materials, wood’s advantage lies in its malleability, allowing it to be made into products with harmonious, smooth shapes that can be enhanced through craftsmanship and color solutions to adapt the material in line with the artistic design. 

Another fundamental element is the finish applied to the closure’s head, offering further refinement to the finished product. We have a varied set of solutions to really bring out the best wood has to offer. Whether you are looking for a super-modern, contemporary closure with a lacquered finish or a more sophisticated design with a soft-touch finish, or even an innovative finish using the tumbling effect, the end result will be a stunningly unique design. Our latest addition – and also our most sustainable finish – is the natural effect created through our varnishless technology. It is achieved using high temperatures to treat the wood. 

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