Tapì’s Global Meeting is back! And the theme will be “A TOAST TO WHAT’S NEXT”

Our offices and branches will be coming together from 28 to 31 March 2022 for Tapì’s Global Meeting.

Once again, Cognac has been selected as the place for us to meet. For us, this is both where our French division, Les Bouchages Delage, is located and the perfect way to reflect our continuity since the third event in 2020, before it was suspended due to the pandemic.

The company’s Global Meeting will offer a range of activities with the aim of engaging with management, discussing results achieved and disclosing our future goals. The agenda includes team building, speeches, themed workshops and information sharing to identify the upcoming challenges facing the Tapì Group. Events will provide in-depth focus on tackling the quality-quantity market trends, outlining competitive scenarios and recently emerging trends in the beverage market.

Against an ever more competitive backdrop, it’s critical to make time for cross-discipline discussions, where people can share their skills and experience as well as bolster our company’s winning team spirit. This year’s theme will be “A TOAST TO WHAT’S NEXT”.