Ultrasound – cutting-edge technology synonymous with security

tapigroup 10 February 2022 0

ltrasound technology is a cutting-edge solution. The result of research and the desire to provide maximum hold for all closure shapes while avoiding the risk of breakage during use. Ultrasound bonding requires no adhesive, screws or glue. And it’s all down to one principle: 

When ultrasound waves come into contact with a material, its molecules vibrate, initiating movement and producing energy. In thermoplastics, this provokes the bonding of materials. After a short period, as pressure is applied to the material, the different parts become bonded together at a molecular level, at their meeting point.

Impermeability, durability and appearance. These are the basic principles to our closure manufacture. 

From these principles, we have created the Starlight and Starlight Mix ranges, designed to ensure the best hold with no risk of breakage or separation.

Starlight has a closure ferrule, positioned at the base of its head, ensuring an even more trustworthy fit. We offer this aesthetic component in an array of transparent and solid colors to create imaginative combinations of shades and hues.

Find out more about the Starlight collection: 

News Reference Araxa:

A minimalist, modern design – our Araxa closure

Araxa Contemporary London Dry Gin displays a unique balance of aromas – spiced notes that transform into soft, sweet flavours. The ancient, southern Aegean art of cultivating super botanicals meets the craftsmanship of English master distillers.

Inspired by the elegance of the bottle, the modern, minimalist label design and the resolute, linear brand image, we created a completely customized closure in spray-lacquered beech wood.  Its black color, the epitome of elegance and style, highlights its qualities while the laser work on the top and side lend depth and modernity to the product.


News EcoVadis:

Tapì wins silver EcoVadis status – our continuous focus on sustainability

The journey to reach our sustainability certification has led us, through careful analysis and checking of all our business processes and parameters, to be awarded silver status as our EcoVadis rating. Sustainability – in other words ethical, social and environmental performance – is a key factor for every manufacturing business. Companies are increasingly looking for technologies and solutions to boost their sustainable practices and ensure transparency.

Today, our aim is to continue to improve the quality and efficiency, transparency and sustainability of our production methods as well as our service and product processes.

Achieving our ISO9001 certificate and being listed on the Sedex portal reflect the quality of our operating standards and ethical business processes. To then be recognized by EcoVadis is an excellent outcome and shows our company’s desire to pursue its improvement objectives in terms of sustainability, alongside strengthening the Tapì brand with its customers. All of this is reinforced by our commitment to working with recognized businesses who are accredited by official bodies.

Take a look at our EcoVadis certification

News Pentawards: 

Partnership between Tapì and Pentawards continues for the fourth year running

As a member of the community, we actively take part in an innovative, inspirational process, connected to the best in the sector. That’s why we are renewing our commitment as Pentawards sponsors for the fourth consecutive year.

Established in 2007, Pentawards is a global community leader and platform for packaging. Its continued pledge to recognizing design excellence through its annual competition, international fairs and online events provides a source of inspiration as well as connecting the packaging community on a worldwide level. 

Every year, the gala ceremony is held in a different location around the world. All the winners are invited to the event to celebrate their success and receive their award on stage in front of the global packaging design community.