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Educating the next generation to create an ethical future through marketing

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H-FARM Campus event, on 26 November, focusses on young people and sustainable marketing

Speakers at the event will include Fabrizio Gavelli CEO at Danone Company Italy and Greece, Enrico Santarelli CMO of Clementoni, Anna Micossi Head of Group Communications di Fedrigoni, Giorgio Carafa Cohen, Head of Marketing and Communication di iliad, Francesco D’Antini Chairman of NWG Italia, Marcella Manzoni Head of Global Customer Marketing & Customer Operations in Safilo Group and Gabriele Carboni co-founder of Weevo and co-author of Essentials of Modern Marketing. With a streamed or video message from Fahim Kibria CMO of Kotler Impact and Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing.

‘Educating the next generation to create an ethical future through marketing’ is the theme of the event, organised with the support of H-FARM College, the H-FARM university and postgraduate training institute. It will take place on 26 November from 3 p.m. until approximately 5 p.m., in one of the biggest – completely sustainable and self-sufficient – innovation hubs in Europe.

Follow the streamed event on the H-FARM Plus platform, by clicking this link: (registration is required to access the event).

‘I cannot think of a better place to speak to young people and start-ups about the future. A future that today already demands a clear change towards marketing with more than just profit as an objective. Instead its aims should focus on the environment and community. Through the book, Essentials of Modern Marketing, we want to guide students, young managers and entrepreneurs to work towards a sustainable and considerate economy,’ states Gabriele Carboni who is the keynote speaker. He will discuss how companies and young people can harness digital media to move into a new post-pandemic era.

Carboni will be presented with a copy of the book, ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing – Made in Italy edition’ by Kotler & partners during the event, and it will be available to buy from Amazon worldwide. With the support of the e-commerce giant, every single copy of the book will be printed on demand and in the closest possible location to the delivery address, avoiding paper waste and long-distance transport.

Kotler Impact, the global publisher of the book alongside Weevo – the company supporting the project in Italy – have decided to make the book available at a very low price with the aim of introducing young people to ethical marketing:  €25.00 instead of the usual €65.00.

The publication contains more than 30 case studies about outstanding Italian companies. It is the first marketing book in the world to present success stories focussed on one country. The companies included in the project are: Danone, Clementoni, Aboca, Bauli, Bormioli Pharma, iliad, GEA, IMA Group, IRIS Ceramica Group, Knauf, Automobili Lamborghini, NWG Italia, OCMIS, Safilo Group, 360 Payment Solutions, Curti Lamiere, D-Orbit, Felsinea Ristorazione, Flashpoint, Integra Fragrances, Kopron, M.T., Distilleria Petrone, Rejoint, RGR Comunicazione, SB Impianti, Tapì Group, Tecopress, Top Automazioni, Trenton, Ugolini, Fedrigoni, Sitma, Ilsa.

The Italian Journal of SMEs has dubbed the work ‘The bible of modern marketing’, while the Daily Times calls it ‘The book of the 21st Century for business, marketing and management’.

Project participants

Weevo Srl is a digital B2B communication agency, which since 2012 has combined web marketing with globalisation coining in the term Digital Export. The company specialises in Digital Corporate Communication and is led by David Rimini and Gabriele Carboni from their offices in Italian Pesaro, near Vignolo in the Molise region, and in Castiglione delle Stiviere near Mantua.

Kotler Impact Inc is a Canadian business and part of the World Marketing Summit group founded by Professor Philip Kotler, father of modern marketing. A strategic marketing community, it seeks to operate sustainable economic development.

H-FARM is an innovative platform which supports the creation of new business models and the transformation and education of young people and Italian companies giving them a digital perspective. Established in January 2005, as the first start-up incubator in the world, it has reinvented itself and adapted to market demands without ever losing sight of its core values – seizing opportunities generated by digital innovation and maintaining a human-centred approach. Today it is the only company globally to bring together investment, business services and training in one location. Structured like a campus, in the outskirts of Venice, H-FARM extends over 51 hectares, including 20 hectares of woodland. It is the largest innovation hub in Europe and has more than 600 employees working in Italy, making it unique internationally.

H-FARM College is the university and postgraduate training institute belonging to H-FARM. It offers degree, masters and executive courses to deepen knowledge of the digital economy with the aim of teaching management skills as well as helping to develop new companies and understanding how technological innovation changes business, habits, markets and opportunities. Bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and executive courses are designed in partnership with some of the world’s best universities and business schools and in close collaboration with sector leaders to create courses that prepare individuals for the world of work.

Press accreditation for the event

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The world’s most remarkable spirits – here’s our list

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From vodka filtered through 4-billion-year-old meteorite rock to gin crafted with water from the Mediterranean Sea. Our listing of the world’s most remarkable spirits

The world of alcoholic drinks is highly varied, not least when it comes to spirits.

Alongside the solid traditions of centuries-old brands, there are also experimental products and labels. These have been created to meet ever-more discerning consumer demand, striving to capture inventive and very specific flavours.

This sector is in a constant state of change, but we have pinpointed a few of the more unusual spirits from around the world. From vodka filtered through 4-billion-year-old meteorite rock to gin crafted with water from the Mediterranean Sea.

Read on to find out about them all.

Outer Space Vodka

Outer Space is the brand name and that of the vodka. It is made from premium American maize and distilled five times over, giving it an ultra-clean flavour. The label tells us that its last filtering takes place using 4-billion-year-old meteorite rock – originating from the collision between the earth and other celestial objects.

Outer Space vodka – with its bottle in the shape of an alien’s head – has won over consumers with its flavour and its quirkiness. And most importantly on social media.


MUMA Gin is an entirely Italian product, created with the aim of making Puglian flavours well-known across the world.

Its singularity certainly comes from the ingredients and aromas used to plunge the consumer into the Mediterranean culture. Chamomile, juniper, iris, lemon and orange blend with the gin’s leading light – purified water from the Mediterranean Sea.

A winning idea for a product that commands all the senses, taking you on a journey for its own sake.

Anty Gin

There are probably many examples of spirits that contain worms, scorpions and other unusual creatures. But this is a first in the gin world. At least until now as Cambridge Distillery has produced its own Anty Gin.

The idea to use formic acid was without a doubt eccentric with the acid being taken from red wood ants. It seems that when this substance encounters alcohol, it produces aromas and flavours that vastly enhance the flavours of fermented and distilled drinks.

Every bottle contains an extract made from precisely 62 red ants. And even though Anty Gin is no longer available to buy as it’s a limited-edition product, it certainly deserves to be on the list of the most remarkable spirits in the world.

Pumpkin Spice Moonshine

Made by Corsair Distillery in Nashville, Pumpkin Spice Moonshine is a whisky that has reinvented the late 19th century brewing tradition – a time when beer was made from plants.

In the same vein, this whisky is distilled using pumpkins, amongst other things.

Obviously, the recipe is secret, but it is one of the most interesting – and daring – experiments of recent years.

Bakon Vodka

No grains have been mixed in the making of this vodka!

Only the best quality American potatoes, grown in the north-west and with the delicious flavour of bacon.

The result is Bakon Vodka – a product with a clean, crisp flavour. There’s no smokiness, making it perfect to enjoy neat or in a top-notch Bloody Mary.

Not just spirits – some other quirky yet bold drinks

The desire to experiment has spread beyond the spirits’ sector. It is a broader trend in the alcoholic drinks market.

In recent years we have noted ideas of varying degrees of daring. Not least, Pizza Beer, made with a pizza Margherita infusion, or Squirrel Beer that has 55% alcohol content and is sold in an embalmed squirrel.

And then there’s Snake Wine, holding its own in this listing. Available in Asia, it is created through the infusion of whole snakes immersed in rice wine.

Want to find out more about our closures designed for spirits and other products?

Take a look at our products!