Packaging customization is a given

Customizing your packaging not only supports brand awareness, it also favors sales and your business image.

Packaging is one of the essential elements of mixed marketing, as it communicates a product’s characteristics and identity from the first glance. And when done well, it assists in the sales process. From a simple element designed to contain, preserve or transport a product, packaging is becoming an ever more significant communication tool. After all, it is the first perception a consumer has of a product.

This leads to another topic – namely packaging customization – which is fundamental in highlighting one benefit over another and in emphasizing the values or messages a brand wants to convey to its customers.

Advantages of packaging customization

Aside from profiling a brand’s features and unique characteristics, packaging customization brings other advantages with it. Let’s take a look at them.

Customer loyalty

Each and every activity is based on a percentage, either high or low, of regular and repeat customers. Packaging definitely plays a fundamental part in buying habits, especially when linked to a specific ‘selling proposition’.

Let’s look at an example by taking an imaginary company that makes wine. For many years it focussed on making its products in the most sustainable way possible. So, its choice of packaging should also reflect the values of the company – even by selecting the Devin bottle closure by Tapì. This eco-friendly seal is designed for the wine industry and made from grape pomace waste that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

Packaging lays the foundations for customer experience by reaffirming the reasons why a customer chooses a given company or a specific brand. This is why it should be consistent, as it convinces the customer to come back to the same brand after the first purchase.

Brand storytelling

The very first image a potential customer has of a product is its packaging. This should reflect their expectations and should be consistent with a narrative that tells the customer about the unique features, characteristics, quality of the product and the brand itself. 

Let’s look at another example.

A superpremium whisky, designed for a highly specific target market, should be presented in a bottle – and equally sealed with a closure – that expresses quality from the initial glance. The Signature range by Tapì is the perfect fit, as it has luxurious materials such as wood and ceramic, making it ideal to add the finishing touch to any packaging.

Brand development

Besides packaging design that’s focussed on the product features to be conveyed, customization can also position certain graphic elements for the brand on the packaging with the aim of raising awareness. This can go from the brand’s choice of color for the label or seal, as well as the choice of bottle or decorative element that relates the company’s values.

By focussing solely on closures designed for the world of premium beverage – a market where Tapì has been operating for over 20 years – it can state that customization has now become a critical element. Additionally, it is one of the greatest values to communicate to customers through experience and specific awareness of technology, materials and applications.

A few examples could include color customization, logo or text application through stamping or engraving, and even specific technical processes for various materials that offer truly unique artisanal effects.

A final note

Regardless of whether your product will always have competition, even the smallest nuance can help to attract a customer’s attention and convince them to purchase.

Good quality packaging customization can be the added value to create that longed-for wow effect. Likewise, it ensures the brand name is associated with specific values clearly etched in the customer’s mind, even after the transaction is complete.

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