Tapì continues to work for its Customers, while protecting its employees

tapigroup 23 March 2020 0

As Tapì is part of the food supply chain, we must keep going. This is how we are dealing with the state of emergency linked to Novel Coronavirus

It’s tough, inevitably tough – and pointless to deny it. There’s the daily glimmer of hope offered by the number of new infections reported by the Italian Civil Protection Agency in their 6pm national address. We always hope that the number of new COVID-19 cases has reduced, as well as the number of deaths caused by this invisible enemy that’s being fought by our nation with all its might.

Then, there’s you, our Customers, who call us every day to find out how things stand. We are touched by your concern for us and we thank you so much for your support.

The news bulletins, newspapers and social networks talk about companies and businesses in crisis, about Italy and its national brand and who knows when it might be re-established at this difficult time. But wait, it’s not just the Novel Coronavirus that bringing us to our knees, it’s everything related to it.

Before the virus spread through Europe and across the world, we, like China, were singled out as ‘spreaders’ and the Made in Italy brand has lost what gave it its power and iconic appeal. Now we are all part of this disaster as the virus has not stopped after spreading through Italy and is now widespread across the globe.

A few days after the media ‘bomb’ exploded but before the implementation of the restrictive regulations for businesses and social distancing, within the Tapì Group we had decided to protect our employees and workers. These people are our lifeblood and they help us to grow day by day and they ensure customer satisfaction. 

Consequently, we have implemented remote working for all employees who work in offices to ensure continuity of order management, request response and usual business administration. 

For our production teams, which must continue working as they are part of the food supply chain, we have provided protective masks, single-use gloves and disinfectant gel for hands and body. With the aim of containing the spread of the virus, we also measure each person’s body temperature every day as they enter our sites. And lastly, we have taken the decision to implement a 24-hour shift pattern to reduce the number of people present on our sites to the absolute minimum.

This virus is crushing us as a nation, but we will not break. For our part, we are doing everything humanly possible to continue to offer our best products and services, while fully adhering to the government’s regulations related to workers’ safety.

However, we want to thank all of you for the warmth and support that you have expressed over the last month. We shall not forget it. *

Roberto Casini – CEO, Tapì Group

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