T-disc: tradition and innovation blended into one closure

The T-disc closure is part of Tapì’s Collection range, bringing together all the closures that represent the meeting point of the opposing values of tradition and innovation. The detailed description of T-disc is a bar-top closure, with a head and leg in synthetic material that’s entirely customisable.

There are countless customisations that can be made to the head in terms of colour, debossing, embossing and metallic finishes. T-disc, with its traditional values redesigned with a modern interpretation, has already been selected by tens of Tapì customers for their most prestigious spirits. A simple yet confident style to ensure optimum efficiency and functionality.

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Vs Pack: where innovation and packaging meet

From 3 to 5 December, we were in Cognac, France, at the VS Pack exhibition.This key event took place at the exhibition park and was a real Innovation Show for everything related to packaging and technologies specific to the Spirits & Wine industry.

The fourth edition of the SPIRI PACK CREDIT AGRICOLE award was presented at the event. The award is dedicated to the best innovators from the various exhibitors in the packaging world. The candidates’ innovations were judged by a jury of professionals entrusted with three special awards based on specific criteria, such as innovative aspects, design, commercial impact and eco-friendliness.

Overall, we can report that it was an engaging tenth edition full of new ideas. For us at Tapì, we successfully presented our sustainable projects and our Signature range of closures.

Our special thanks go to all of you who visited us at our stand.

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George Dickel Bottled in Bond: a distinctive whisky with an exceptional closure

Diageo recently announced its latest limited edition for one of its brands: George Dickel Bottled in Bond. Bold and balanced, this 13-year-old whisky has its roots in traditional, authentic values, reflecting Cascade Hollow Distilling Company’s commitment to the production of the highest quality whisky.

George Dickel Bottled in Bond can be drunk neat, with ice or as a delectable cocktail. It’s a versatile Tennessee whisky, that equally needed a closure to accent its value. For this reason, the brand chose T-Wood, finished in black, from the Tapì range.

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