Spirits Strategies & Innovation Congress: see you on 29th and 30th October in London

The 2019 edition of the Spirits Strategies & Innovation Congress will be taking place in London on 29 and 30 October.

The two-day event, which this year will be happening at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London, builds on the huge success of previous editions. After the 2018 event, the Spirits Strategies & Innovation Congress continues to support the alcoholic beverages industry, combining strategies and innovation, and providing the sector with an overview of key growth areas in coming years.

The wide range of topics on the schedule include future trends, premiumisation, the artisanal movement, the relationship between off-trade and on-trade, distribution and the role of retailers in the marketing process. All very distinct issues, with a common focus on the alcoholic beverage sector, to be discussed at exhibitors’ stands, as well as during interviews on stage, live debates and innovative spotlights.

A key opportunity to compare notes, which here at Tapì we could not possibly miss out on. See you at the conference with lots of Tapì innovations.

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Signature Wood Inspiration moves onto another level with two new finishes – Exotic and Craft Effect

The new closures developed and manufactured by Tapì with exotic and unfinished woods with the addition of genuine leather.

Signature Wood Inspiration is the range of Tapì closures where design meets tradition, durability and quality.

The noble precious material that is wood plays the lead role throughout the Wood closure collection, which today is enhanced by two new types of finish: Exotic Woods and Craft Effect. The first is made with precious exotic woods, with their distant mysterious flavours. Ideal for embellishing unusual and/or original spirits and condiments with a touch that will enhance the whole supply chain.

The second, the Craft Effect line, was conceived as a meeting point between unfinished woods and genuine leathers. A unique result that highlights the quality craftsmanship used for any individual product and packaging solution.

Closures that are more than just stoppers – they are communication tools that express the values to which the products are intrinsically linked.

Both the Exotic Woods and the Craft Effect finishes will be officially launched at Luxe Pack 2019, at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco – from September 30th to October 2nd. This year we will again be exhibiting and will be delight to show off our innovations, based on the latest trends in the beverage world.

We look forward to meeting you at Booth DB19!

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Signature Ceramic Stone Effect: a bijou masterpiece of packaging design which highlights its craftsmanship

The closure as a key element in the communication strategy, these are the values of Signature Ceramic Stone Effect

Craftmanship is a growing trend in multiple sectors, especially in the beverage world. This concept has made it crucial to understand how to develop and produce packaging design elements that will fully reflect the essence of the finished product.

Signature Ceramic Stone Effect stems precisely from a desire to enhance the craftsmanship of the sealed bottle.

Little high-end artistic masterpieces with a precious charm, helping to create unique packaging aimed at the world of premium and super-premium spirits. Tradition and innovation come together to create these precious jewels, which express not only the values of craftsmanship, but also the ethical choice of a green design based on the use of an eco-friendly material such as ceramics. Precious eco-sustainable jewels that will enrich any bottle.

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Starcap by Tapì: the closure that gives your packaging that final touch

A seemingly uncomplicated closure featuring several components: Starcap

One of the closures in the Tapì Collection range, which contains all the functional closures and with its fascinating aesthetic impact, Starcap helps the packaging that it seals to stand out from the crowd.

The aluminium bar-top closure, with a leg in synthetic material, its elegance expressed through a simple refined design which makes functionality its strong point.

Suitable for many different products in the beverage world, Starcap is fully customizable with a huge variety of processes and finishes that help create a tailor-made product perfectly suited to the brand identity. A colourful, eclectic closure that preserves the sensory characteristics of the product which it seals and an essential part of the Collection by Tapì range.

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Tapì S.p.A. obtains registration on the Sedex portal: a further step towards fully ethical business processes

Tapì S.p.A. obtains registration on the Sedex portal: a further step towards fully ethical business processes. An outstanding result, following on from the recent achievement of ISO 9001 certification at both of its Italian plants, whose main objectives are to continue improving in its integrated management system, as well as further strengthening the image of Tapì among its customer base, which is increasingly geared towards working only with companies recognized and validated by accredited certification bodies.

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