The beauty of unfinished wood meets the elegance of real leather: Tapì presents Signature Wood Inspiration Craft Effect

Tradition and design, resistance and quality. Unfinished wood is still the undisputed king of craft packaging. Using it requires experience and professionalism, which is the secret that makes this timeless material a cornerstone of Tapì Signature Wood Inspiration closures.

Indeed, in the new Craft Effect version, unfinished wood meets real leather, for a unique result that highlights the craftsmanship of each form of packaging. A closure that is more than just a cap, but a key element in expressing the craft values on which the finished product is based.

Clean lines, soft designs and solid structure. Great functionality, harking back to age-old values and a beauty that will stand the test of time. Elegance and beauty, capable of arousing a sense of almost primordial warmth for both sight and touch.

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Tapì Group at WinExpo Georgia 2019 – a great meeting point for producers and exporters

WinExpo Georgia 2019 is a trade fair which aims to give producers and exporters the opportunity to create new business opportunities, in a complex market such as Georgia and the whole of the Caucasus region.

The three-day event, organized by the ExpoGeorgia Trade Fair Centre in Tbilisi with support from the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and the National Wine Agency of Georgia, was held from 13 to 15 June and one of the numerous exhibitors there was Tapì.

The significance of WinExpo Georgia lies in its uniqueness. This is the only wine and spirits international fair to be held anywhere in the country and, indeed, throughout the Caucasus region. That makes it an unmissable opportunity to discover new and emerging trends in Eastern Europe and to present products or services designed to attract this market niche.

WinExpo is a hybrid project, a cross between an exhibition, a competition and a forum where the main aim is to create new synergies and pave the way for new agreements between producers and exporters.

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Tapì and Les Bouchages Delage join forces to strengthen their global leadership in the market for premium and super premium closures in the spirits industry

The highly creative, innovative spirit of the Tapì Group meets the tradition and excellence of Les Bouchages Delage. A significant acquisition which creates a hub, whose objective it is to design innovative new quality closures for the Premium and Super Premium markets.

A union which strengthens Tapì’s global presence, giving rise to little jewels of packaging design which, in a spirit of synergy and sharing, will become even more refined, creative and functional. Original state-of-the-art closures designed to express the uniqueness of the product they seal within.

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Expocachaça: the leading Brazilian event for the cachaça supply chain

Since 1998, Expochaça has been the main event for the whole supply chain of Brazil’s symbolic national distillate. Now in its twenty-first edition, the event took place at Expominias in Belo Horizonte – and in partnership with Premiere Pack, Tapì was among its many exhibitors.

There were two main threads for 2019 – the B2B Fair, putting producers in contact with various suppliers, and the B2C Festival, aiming to introduce new leading brands to consumers. The thirteenth edition of Brasilbier was held at the same time, thus bringing cachaça production chains together with those of craft beers, and making for an outstandingly successful event.

Expocachaça has been the main driver in raising the profile of this noble distillate and increasing its visibility, through unceasing promotion and advertising of the distillate on both domestic and foreign markets. We are proud to say that, in our own small way, we also embraced the trade fair’s mission for 2019.

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Once again, in 2019, the Tapì Group has been recognised as one of Italy’s finest companies at the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards

Tapì Group is among the 46 companies that, in May, received an award at Palazzo Mezzanotte, the headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange, as one of the Deloitte Best Managed Companies 2019.

This significant prize, now in its second edition in Italy, was set up to promote the excellence of Italian design through a prestigious international award from Deloitte, one of the largest professional services providers on the corporate scene, and reserved for companies whose organizational skills, strategy and performance stand out from the crowd. Companies with a proven ability to implement solid, long-term strategies and to introduce innovation and internationalization as part of the active role they play in their ecosystem.

Here in Italy, the award ceremony was supported by ConfindustriaElite (the London Stock Exchange Group’s support programme for fast-growing ambitious companies) and by Altis Università Cattolica, which worked alongside Deloitte to make the selection method more suitable for the Italian socio-economic context.

An important accolade, which gives us a motivational boost to keep helping with th growth of the Group and the search for excellence in designing and manufacturing our closures.

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Clinica de Design Expopack: design, innovation and cutting-edge ideas in wine & spirits packaging

June 2019 proved to be overflowing with events. After Expochaça, and a few days before WinExpo Georgia, we flew to Mexico for a truly innovative event: Clinica de Design Expopack (Spanish for Expopack Design Clinic).

A day of theoretical and practical training, sponsored by us, which gave us a chance to exchange points of view with the participants on the latest trends in packaging design and materials for the spirits and wine sectors.

An opportunity featuring not only synergy, but also a competitive side, with the on-site development and prize-giving of the finest innovative packaging solutions created by the many designers at the event. Tapì products led the way in the closures segment. A jury of international experts was on hand to judge the various concepts, awarding a prize to their favourites at the end of the event.

A fascinating format that enabled us to plunge fully into every aspect of the packaging design world.