World Spirits Conference: the event according to Tapì

On Thursday 28th March, the prestigious halls of the London-based historic military corps, known as the Honourable Artillery Company, were filled with spirit at the World Spirits Conference.

A commercial gathering it may have been, but nevertheless it was decidedly intoxicating, spreading like wildfire among the distillates experts, leading to a wide range of speeches and presentations dedicated to the spirits industry.

The event featured a number of leading international exponents as well as Tapì, who were event sponsors, providing a unique opportunity to put our finger on the pulse of the global market, take stock of the situation and discuss tactics and strategies that would help render the production, supply and marketing of high-quality distillates even more efficient.

From production to design, from marketing to management for sales, no stone was left unturned. Every detail regarding the distillates sector was analyzed, tasted, refined on the basis of our traditional and potential target audiences and the products served in a classic London style while still being open to new research and experimentation.

Overall, the World Spirits Conference provided further confirmation that it is one of the most important and high-profile events, ensuring that we produce spirits that will always pass muster when raising one’s glass in a toast to quality.

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Purity: the characterful closure for refined wines

The discreet, refined character of the Purity line is what enables it to successfully reflect the qualities of the wine that it seals. Made with the most advanced technologies, the closures in this range are truly cutting-edge, made without any glue or other potentially harmful chemicals that might compromise the quality of a wine, by altering its colour, flavour and/or aroma.

The risk of a wine being affected by a traditionally-made cork has thus been averted for ever. The Purity line’s solution lies in its unique, pure cap, manufactured using over-injection moulding, with head and leg in a clear synthetic material.

The Purity closure signed by Tapì is designed specifically to properly and safely preserve any type of wine and distillate, but of course it also needs to please the eye. Using clear synthetic materials means that colours and flavours can first of all be enjoyed with the sense of sight and can be customized exclusively so as to bring out the qualities intrinsic to the nectar of the gods.

In practice, the Purity line has its own character because it regards simplicity, customization and innovation as key to enhancing the nobility of any wine that, once poured out and sipped, will continue to express its noble essence.

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T-mix: Tapì’s new mini-pourers for the condiments sector

Small pourers dedicated to high-quality condiments, Tapì’s new Mini T-Mix range for the world of oil and condiments was specifically designed for sealing smaller bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Mini Tmixes come in different materials and sizes. So the leg can be 13, 14 or 16 mm in length, with either a wooden or a synthetic head.

The new Tapì Mini T-Mix range is the solution to an issue which often comes up, of the best way to close smaller packaging. For example, very often, balsamic vinegar producers are forced to use a T-cap for their bottles. Mini Tmix is a pourer which can perfectly seal any smaller bottle, giving the packaging a very personalized look, as there are so many different ways of customizing the closure.

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Craft Spirits Conference & Expo: 16th edition

The 16th annual Craft Spirits Conference & Expo, held by the ADI (American Distilling Institute) and aimed at all craft distilleries, led Tapì to visit the city of Denver, Colorado, from the 18th to the 21st of March.

The overall theme of the conference was clear and unquestionable, providing a unique opportunity to enjoy the top-level conferences and presentations about the spirits industry.

The space set aside for the Craft Spirits Conference & Expo was in the form of a huge still, with a mix featuring equal amounts of presentations on a wide range of craft products together with an infinite variety of proposals on how to improve the production, supply and distribution of both premium and super-premium alcoholic drinks.

A great number of industry experts were there, all of whom made the most of this perfect opportunity to network and share information. A major trade fair held on American soil which, since the hiatus of Prohibition, has blossomed into the ideal territory for a strong, ultra-specialized spirits culture underpinned by a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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Tapì at Pentawards Live: an opportunity for learning and networking

On 13th February, we were guests at Pentawards Live, an important meeting place for professionals in the design, branding and new technologies sectors. But that’s not all: Pentawards Live 2019 was a great opportunity for networking, creating vital synergies with other companies operating in the packaging design world.

At the base of Pentawards Live lies a very precise idea: the creation of a physical space to allow creative-thinking leaders and innovators to share the know-how they have acquired in the design and packaging sector.

During the event, the leading representatives from the packaging world took their places on stage, coming up with some fascinating ideas for packaging that is creative and communicative without bucking the trends of recent years.

Pentawards Live enabled brand owners, designers and packaging managers to liaise with companies specializing in materials and packaging components, as well as design gurus and companies specializing in technological innovation. Three different areas linked by a meaningful common thread – connect, inspire and learn.

We are very proud to have exhibited at our own stand, P3.02, sharing our knowledge on innovation in the packaging sector and presenting our various ranges of closures designed for the finest premium and super-premium distillates. A fantastic opportunity to fly the flag of Italian excellence in the sector.

However, our partnership with Pentawards doesn’t end there. This year, 2019, we will be official sponsors of the whole project, which will come to a head on 12th September in London, with a traditional awards ceremony for the winning projects in the world’s most prestigious competition. We can’t wait!

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Tapì at the Modernisation of the EU-Mexico Trade Agreement – Trade Opportunities

On 5 February 2019 , we flew to Mexico to the conference on the Modernisation of the EU-Mexico Trade Agreement held at the Ministry of Economy’s Auditorium in Mexico City.

The voices of Klaus Rudischhauser, EU ambassador to Mexico, and Sergio Contreras, Vice-President of COMCE (the Mexican Foreign Trade Commission), kicked off the event which featured case studies of various business opportunities, following the signing of a free trade agreement between Mexico and the European Union.

Luz María de la Mora, Undersecretary for Foreign Trade at the Ministry of the Economy and Helena König, the EU Deputy Director-General for Trade, outlined the changes and opportunities for expanding the exchange of goods, the customs simplifications and the new investment measures.

The Global Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Union helped Mexican trade grow by 242%, making Europe the country’s third largest trading partner.

Based on these data, Tapì sent a delegation, with a presentation by Group CEO Roberto Casini, together with Jose Velez, general manager of Interglass; Armando Bonilla, International Director of Grisi; Hector Martinez, founding partner of Grupo Paisano and Edgar Ciceño,  Strategy Director at SAFRAN. The round table featured numerous success stories, specifically to outline what, in practice, the Global Agreement entails.