T-disc: tradition and innovation blended into one closure

tapigroup 16 December 2019 0

The T-disc closure is part of Tapì’s Collection range, bringing together all the closures that represent the meeting point of the opposing values of tradition and innovation. The detailed description of T-disc is a bar-top closure, with a head and leg in synthetic material that’s entirely customisable.

There are countless customisations that can be made to the head in terms of colour, debossing, embossing and metallic finishes. T-disc, with its traditional values redesigned with a modern interpretation, has already been selected by tens of Tapì customers for their most prestigious spirits. A simple yet confident style to ensure optimum efficiency and functionality.

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Vs Pack: where innovation and packaging meet

tapigroup 16 December 2019 0

From 3 to 5 December, we were in Cognac, France, at the VS Pack exhibition.This key event took place at the exhibition park and was a real Innovation Show for everything related to packaging and technologies specific to the Spirits & Wine industry.

The fourth edition of the SPIRI PACK CREDIT AGRICOLE award was presented at the event. The award is dedicated to the best innovators from the various exhibitors in the packaging world. The candidates’ innovations were judged by a jury of professionals entrusted with three special awards based on specific criteria, such as innovative aspects, design, commercial impact and eco-friendliness.

Overall, we can report that it was an engaging tenth edition full of new ideas. For us at Tapì, we successfully presented our sustainable projects and our Signature range of closures.

Our special thanks go to all of you who visited us at our stand.

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George Dickel Bottled in Bond: a distinctive whisky with an exceptional closure

tapigroup 13 December 2019 0

Diageo recently announced its latest limited edition for one of its brands: George Dickel Bottled in Bond. Bold and balanced, this 13-year-old whisky has its roots in traditional, authentic values, reflecting Cascade Hollow Distilling Company’s commitment to the production of the highest quality whisky.

George Dickel Bottled in Bond can be drunk neat, with ice or as a delectable cocktail. It’s a versatile Tennessee whisky, that equally needed a closure to accent its value. For this reason, the brand chose T-Wood, finished in black, from the Tapì range.

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Tapì sponsors the Oscar de l’Emballage on 25 November 2019 at the ELYSÉES BIARRITZ, Paris

tapigroup 26 November 2019 0

The “packaging Oscars” are the annual event that recognises the professionals who create outstanding innovative solutions in the packaging world

The Oscar de l’Emballage ceremony is over for another year.

For the 9th edition of this iconic event, the organisers chose Tapì as one of the main sponsors. We are suitably honoured, as we have always been committed to researching and developing new packaging solutions that have often anticipated the needs of a market in constant flux.

Keys themes this year were innovation, aesthetics and technology – across arenas as diverse as cosmetics, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and luxury goods. New trends such as sustainability, smart packaging and the end-consumer experience were also firmly to the fore. It was a gripping evening that showed us what the immediate future of packaging will be looking like.

Tapì at SIMEI 2019, Italy’s iconic wine & spirits event

tapigroup 25 November 2019 0

Tapì had a productive time again this year at SIMEI – the world-leading fair dedicated to packaging and technology for the wine and spirits world.

SIMEI proved hugely adept once again at bringing together supply and demand in the B2B wine and spirits sector. Now in its 28th edition, this pivotal event is a marketplace for exchanging ideas and synergies among all the enterprises that are striving to innovate in their respective ways in this arena.

Which is why Tapì simply had to be there too with our array of ingenious new offerings this year – from Exotic Wood to Wood Inspiration Craft Effect via Ceramic Inspiration Stone Effect and many other finishes designed to top off a bottle of spirits in the finest style.

We also took the opportunity to unveil a new sustainable venture at SIMEI, to enable the wine industry to re-use old wine skins to create a fully custom stopper. This key feature helps to give consumers a storytelling experience to explain the provenance of the end product and its production method.

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VS Pack: a 10th edition full of exciting new developments

tapigroup 15 November 2019 0

The trade fair for innovation in wine and spirits is back

We will be in Cognac, France, from 3 to 5 December to attend VS Pack. Hosted at the Parc des Expositions, this major event is a true innovation fair covering all aspects of packaging and technologies for the wine and spirits sector.

A highlight this time is the 4th edition of the SPIRI PACK CREDIT AGRICOLE award for the leading innovators in the packaging world among the various exhibitors. Three special prizes are up for grabs, judged by a professional jury.

This 10th year of VS Pack promises to be fascinating with lots to enjoy – and we at Tapì are looking forward to giving some sneak previews of our projects and products in the pipeline for 2020.

We look forward to welcoming you at stand B6!

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As Partner of the Institute for the Protection of Grappa of Trentino, Tapì will be meeting up with members for a day of networking

tapigroup 14 November 2019 0

A great opportunity to meet distilleries producing Trentino DOC-certified grappas

On Thursday 14th November 2019, we will have the honour of meeting the 25 companies which run distilleries producing grappa certified by the Trentino Grappa Protection Institute.

Established over fifty years ago, the institute has the task of enhancing, protecting and promoting the production quality of Grappas made exclusively from pomace produced and distilled in Trentino, as well as awarding them the special Trident trademark which acts as a Grappa Trentina quality guarantee.

For us at Tapì, sponsors and partners of the Institute, it will be a wonderful opportunity both for interacting and presenting our products to certified distilleries (who place great store by the quality of the products they send to the market) as well as for creating moments for sharing and networking through meetings with other sponsors and project partners.

Spirits Strategies & Innovation Congress: an incredible training and networking opportunity

tapigroup 30 October 2019 0

After last year’s successes, the 2019 edition of the Spirits Strategies & Innovation Congress also proved to be an outstanding training and information opportunity for everything revolving around the alcoholic beverage industry.

Strategy and innovation came together to perfection, offering an overview of what the areas of growth in the coming years are thought to be. The key themes at the event included the trends expected in the near future, such as premiumization, craftsmanship, the relationship between off- and on-trade, distribution and the role of retailers in marketing products.

Over the two days, there were a series of engaging sessions such as interviews on stage, live debates and interesting keynote speeches, but we also had the chance to meet innovative and niche spirits producers. Top quality is the focus keyword of this event, at which we are participating with an information desk and a speech, The 3R paradigm in the beverage packaging industry: applications, strategies and myths, held yesterday by Tapì Group Chief Product Officer, Domenico Liberati.

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In search of eco-sustainability: Tapì’s journey towards environmental sustainability

tapigroup 28 October 2019 0

In the last twenty years, here at Tapì we have come a long way in our search for innovative and more eco-sustainable materials for our closures. This philosophy of ours not only impacts the products we supply to our customers, but aims to be truly a part of a sea change currently taking place in the packaging industry, and in the world as a whole.

From ceramics, widely used in the Signature range, all the way through to the Abor concept, which creates closures with spent lees from the distillation process instead of disposing of them in the usual way, not forgetting Duo, a closure designed to help the end user with the recycling process, or Mekano, a mechanical closure that can be used to open and re-close bottles on a continual basis. But that’s not all: our R&D department is implementing new sustainable projects, following in the footsteps of Abor, focusing especially on the ethical side, but also on communications.

Indeed, using an ecological closure to seal a packaging can be a great marketing lever. Several studies have shown that end users are willing to spend more if they share the values of the company they are buying from. So why not take advantage of this current growing trend to leverage your consumer niche while also doing the environment a favour?

Starlight Mix: the pourer cap that offers condiments a whole series of nuances

tapigroup 24 October 2019 0

Starlight Mix is the pourer cap developed by Tapì, designed specifically for the condiments sector. Sealing, especially in a world as delicate as that of olive oil or fine vinegars, ensures the end customer can enjoy a product in perfect condition.

The cutting-edge ultrasonic welding technology used to make Starlight Mix cuts out the use of glue, which helps to ensure the quality of the liquid inside is maintained. Moreover, the huge potential for customization enables us to create shades similar to those of olive oil, achieving very much the same visual effect.

Creative combinations, nuances and brightness: these are the advantages of the Starlight Mix pourer. The ideal touch of style for the bottle that desires no other seal.

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