Packaging Revolution – Pescara – Italia

tapigroup 30 May 2018 0

Tapì was among the guests at “PACKAGING REVOLUTION” in Spoltore (just outside the Adriatic city of Pescara), an international event dedicated to innovative packaging for the wine, spirits, olive oil, beer and cosmetics sectors.

“PACKAGING REVOLUTION” was held on Friday 4th May, in Spoltore (near Pescara), the first event in Italy dedicated to innovations in the field of packaging for spirits, wine, olive oil, beer and cosmetics sectors.

Organized by Tapì partner, PMA, the event earned itself a place in the international spotlight, due to the participation of leading companies in the food & beverage packaging and strategic marketing fields, including MASILVA Group, ROTAS, and Spazio di Paolo.

Tapì was one of the companies at the forefront, with our in-depth presentation of our new projects and of the technologies we have been developing in 2018. Our speakers at the event were Paolo Boratto, Head of Marketing and Communication at Tapì Group, Enzo Maria Gallazzi, European Sales Manager for the Tapì Wine division and Maurizio Giofrè, Sales Director for the Revò by Tapì brand.

A wonderful opportunity to exchange views and do some networking, enabling us to highlight the importance of packaging for businesses on a global scale.

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Sitevinitech – Mendoza – Argentina

tapigroup 28 May 2018 0

From the 16th to the 18th of May, Tapì creations captured the attention of the numerous visitors to Sitevinitech, Argentina’s leading trade fair for the wine sector.

Everything that professionals working in the wine sector might need – this year in Mendoza, from the 16th to the 18th of May. That is what Sitevinitech Argentina aimed to do, providing a space for 165 companies working in the international market, and attracting around 15,000 visitors. 

Visitors were given a warm welcome at the Tapì stand, itself based on a brand-new design in terms of lines and structure, based on the concept of a pathway where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of premium packaging dedicated to the wine, spirits and olive oil sectors.

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Banco de Tapitas – Messico

tapigroup 25 May 2018 0

Here at Tapì Group we are helping children fight against cancer, by adding our name to the Mexican organization Banco de Tapitas® plastic bottle cap campaign.

The social project implemented by Banco de Tapitas® uses the resources generated by collecting and recycling plastic caps to fund the fight against childhood cancer, while helping to keep the planet clean.

The Tapì Group is now also joining the Banco de Tapitas® initiative, by heightening awareness and promoting the recycling of plastic caps.

Deloitte Private Award “Best Managed Companies”

tapigroup 25 May 2018 0

With satisfaction, the Tapì Group obtained the “Best Managed Companies” award from Deloitte Private, intended for companies that are excellent in terms of strategy, skills and performance. There is also Tapì among the 31 companies that have distinguished themselves for their organizational capacity, strategy and performance at the first Italian edition of the international Deloitte Private Award “Best Managed Companies”. The initiative, supported by ALTIS Università Cattolica, by ELITE – the project of the London Stock Exchange Group that supports the development and growth of high-potential businesses – and by Confindustria, involved a company selection process based on the analysis of some critical success factors, such as corporate strategy, skills and competences, commitment and financial performance, in relation to size, ownership structure and sector of belonging. The award ceremony took place on Tuesday, May 22nd at the Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan.

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tapigroup 13 May 2018 0

International award ceremony on May 22nd at the Milan Stock Exchange

MASSANZAGO (PD), 31/05/2018 – Tapì was one of the 31 prizewinners on May 22nd at the “Deloitte Best Managed Companies” awards ceremony at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan.

This event was the first Italian edition of the prestigious international award that Deloitte, one of the largest providers of professional services to enterprises, hands out to companies with excellent organizational skills, strategy and performance; companies with a proven ability to implement solid, long-term strategies and to introduce innovation and internationalization as part of the active role they play in their ecosystem.

Here in Italy, the award ceremony was supported by Confindustria, ELITE – the London Stock Exchange Group’s support programme for fast-growing ambitious companies – and by ALTIS Università Cattolica, which worked alongside Deloitte to make the selection method more suitable for the Italian socio-economic context.

In particular, the “Best Managed Companies” were identified by a jury which analyzed a series of critical success factors, such as business strategy, skills and competencies, commitment to people and financial performance. These factors were then related to corporate size, ownership structure and the sector in which each company operates.

Tapì CEO, Roberto Casini, expressed satisfaction: “We are proud of this significant achievement, because it reflects the efforts and investments we have made over recent years, in terms of research and technological innovation, sustainability, top product quality, skills-based growth and maintaining good relationships at both national and international level. The market we are in is both fascinating and dynamic, but at the same time it comes up with new challenges on a regular basis. So our commitment does not stop there: we have great plans for the future and this award encourages us to go one step further”.

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