International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs – Kiev

Leading brewers in the craft beer sector from Ukraine and elsewhere gathered in Kiev on the 12th and 13th of April for the Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs, a networking and training event on the main trends in the beer sector, that has earned itself a reputation internationally.

And participants at the Forum were treated to a presentation of Tapì’s Mekano, the technologically advanced closure with an attractive design, ideal for embellishing craft brewery packaging.

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Range of spirits pourers

20 April 2018

Range of spirits pourers

From Tapì’s passion for distillates comes a special range of pourers, from traditional ones all the way through to cutting-edge non-refillable and anti-tampering systems, which preserve the quality and safety of every product, drop by drop.

Practical, safe, and as customized as a tailor-made garment, the pourers we design here at Tapì for the spirits sector enable distillers to make the most of every drop of their product.

These closures bring out all the potential of the finest materials available on the market: aluminium, wood and state-of-the-art synthetics, put together in high-tech solutions and finished on top and side with different colours, effects, prints and medals.

In particular, T-stoppers in non-refillable and anti-tampering pourer form make it impossible to refill the bottle with any other liquid, or to remove the closure without breaking it, thus ensuring that the unique qualities of the distillate remain intact. 

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Dual Shield

Tapì provides support for the work of professional winemakers with Dual Shield, the first closure whose special composition enables it to adapt to the needs of the wine as it ages in the bottle, keeping its aromatic component intact. A perfect closure for top-quality wines.

For fine wines, Tapì has designed Dual Shield: a revolutionary closure, which can provide an assortment of oxygen barrier levels and transfer rates. This means that the winemaker can choose from an almost unlimited range of oxygen barriers, thus enabling you to decide how long the wine will take to achieve optimal complexity.

Aromatic absorption is minimalized, so as to maintain a red wine’s aromatic complexity over the years, or guarantee freshness of aroma in a white or rosé

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