Starcap by Tapì

Standing out from the crowd has never been easier! Package your bottles with the natural and anodized aluminium T-caps from the Tapì’s Starcap line. The huge variety of processes and finishing enables you to create the product that best matches the rest of the packaging and your brand identity: coloured, knurled, printed, or else the surprising, and even more original “wet look” finish.

For a truly spatial style.

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The simplicity of removing a cork, its aesthetic simplicity, purity transformed into innovation: Purity is Tapì’s bar-top closure for quality wines and spirits – no corkscrew needed.


Tapì’s painstaking research in the field of innovative closure systems for the wine and spirits sectors has come up with Purity, a T-shaped closure with over-injection moulded transparent head and leg, without the use of glue.

The design makes it look like a single piece, with essential modern lines, captivatingly shiny with its play of transparencies and custom colours.